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294Re: [JT9digitalhams] Re: Warning on HamSpots

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  • Laurie, VK3AMA
    May 2, 2013
      Sorry Phil,

      I really don't understand your two single word email responses, "No" &
      "Boycott". I assume, you have no interest in HamSpots presenting valid
      data to the users.

      To save you the trouble of having to keep WSJT-X and your VFO in sync or
      un-checking auto-spotting, I will drop all your spots, both sent and

      de Laurie VK3AMA

      On 3/05/2013 9:55 AM, Phil Williams wrote:
      > boycott
      > On Thu, May 2, 2013 at 11:49 PM, Jim - N4ST <newsgroup@...
      > <mailto:newsgroup@...>> wrote:
      > Totally agree, Laurie.
      > I have made this mistake myself, flipping to a new band before going
      > upstairs for dinner and posting bad spots for a couple of hours.
      > If you're not running under full CAT control, and can't remember
      > to manually
      > set the band correctly, then turn off your spotting.
      > Besides, having ones spots blocked for 24 hours isn't the end of
      > the world,
      > especially when the spots are obviously of questionable value.
      > ________
      > Jim - N4ST
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      > Subject: Re: [JT9digitalhams] Re: Warning on HamSpots
      > Its not being anal.
      > When I see the same Station, nearly everyday spotting for hours on
      > end
      > on the wrong band, it is obvious that the spots are of no interest to
      > the Spotting station. The Spots are worthless to everyone else. In
      > these
      > situations, the Callsign gets blocked.
      > I am not blocking Callsigns that change bands and take a few tx/rx
      > cycles before they make the correction.
      > It is the Stations who repeatedly set the wrong band and have had
      > previous temporary blocks of their callsigns that get on the
      > permanent
      > block list.
      > At this time, there are only 2 callsigns permanently blocked. Neither
      > Owner has responded to an advise email I sent.
      > I'm not forcing anyone to use HamSpots and direct spots to
      > HamSpots from
      > JT-Alert is a user settable option that can be disabled. But if
      > people
      > want to spot, then there is an expectation that the spots are of some
      > value to the users of the site.
      > de Laurie VK3AMA
      > --
      > Phil KA1GMN
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