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290Re: [JT9digitalhams] Re: Warning on HamSpots

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  • Laurie, VK3AMA
    May 2, 2013

      If the "No" is to the request to try and match the WSJT-X QRG to that of
      the Radio, then why bother spotting at all? You can turn off PSKReporter
      spots in WSJT-X and if you use JT-Alert, spotting to HamSpots can also
      be turned off.

      de Laurie VK3AMA

      On 3/05/2013 1:40 AM, Jeff wrote:
      > No, de Jeff Bennett K4BTC
      > --- In JT9digitalhams@yahoogroups.com, "dachema" <dchema@...> wrote:
      >> Laurie posted this warning on the HamSpots JT9 page tonight:
      >> ALL <http://hamspots.net/history/48616D53706F7473414C4C/> de VK3AMA
      >> <http://hamspots.net/history/48616D53706F7473564B33414D41/> Stations
      >> that continue to spot calls on the wrong band over an extended period
      >> will have all their spots (current and past) purged from the database
      >> and all new spots automatically deleted! This block will last for 24
      >> hours. Stations that continue posting bad spots after their Block is
      >> removed will have their callsign permanently blacklisted.[age +1h]
      >> May-02 02:04utc
      >> Lets all try to make sure the QRG on WSJT-X matches the frequency on our
      >> radio. It is annoying to be operating on 20 meters only to see someone
      >> spotting you on 80! It is equally annoying to see a DX station you want
      >> to work beingspotted on multiple frequencies because some stations are
      >> spotting the station on the wrong frequency. I am sure Lauriewould
      >> appreciate us paying more attention to this.
      >> 73,Dave, KC8V
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