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  • Les
    Apr 2, 2013
      Hello All,

      My names is Les and I live in Granbury, Texas which is about 40 miles south west of the Dallas Ft Worth area. My call is NA5AA, my previous call was KA0MCS which I received while stationed in South Dakota with the Air Force. I have been licensed since the late 1970's but took a 20 year break from the hobby, returning to amateur radio in 2011 when I retired.

      I enjoy working any of the digital modes, PSK31, RTTY, Olivia, etc., but really enjoy JT65 and JT9. I seldom work anything other then the digital modes because my hearing isn't too good and I have a hard time understanding people on SSB. I do work D-STAR on UHF/VHF and have a Raspberry PI dedicated to running my DVAP for D-STAR.

      Looking forward to learning more about the JT9 mode.

      Thanks Les de NA5AA
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