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Re: [JSX-ideas] Re: New poll for JSX-ideas

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  • Brendan Macmillan
    Hi Brandon, ... I checked it out - that s one impressive product! ... His list of what makes it secure is very interesting. Sendmail seems like a rambling
    Message 1 of 18 , Jun 1, 2001
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      Hi Brandon,

      Engineering Methodology:
      > > A guarentee that the tool is robust, that it will keep working; and
      > > maintenable, any problems that arise can be fixed easily.

      > This comment reminds me a lot of qmail.
      I checked it out - that's one impressive product!

      > The "selling point" of qmail is that it's simple, robust, efficient, and will
      > 1) always be configurable to do what you want, and 2) not break.
      His list of what makes it secure is very interesting. Sendmail seems like
      a rambling hack... inter alia, he has refactored it, and minimized the harm
      that can flow from bugs (in terms of security holes).

      He also comments about problems with parsing ambiguities - XML resolves this,

      > You might try contacting the author of qmail to see how he makes money since
      > qmail is free.
      I've contacted him (though the page says it may take "months" before he
      replies. That may be just to deter qmail queries, of course...).

      I think he probably makes some money indirectly from consulting and authoring
      work, as Gary suggests I do... qmail is a fantastic advertisement of talent.

      > I surely hope that he is rolling in money because qmail is a very fine
      > tool, on par with JSX in terms of solving all of my problems where everything
      > else falls flat.
      I fear he may be a starving inventor... that's the thing I have wanted to avoid
      since I was 5 years old...

      ....tho I think you are being far too kind to JSX here! But thanks for the
      comparison ;-)

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