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Rabbi Arik Ascherman at Busboys and Poets ~ June 10th at 8:15pm / RHR ~The Rabbinic Voice of Conscience in Israel!

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  • Andra
         A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY IS COMING... SAVE THE DATE! Thursday ~ June 10th  8:15-10:00pm  THIS IS THE TIME TO HEAR...The Rabbinic Voice of
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      Thursday ~ June 10th

      The Rabbinic Voice of Conscience from Israel!
      Rabbi Arik Ascherman
          Executive Director of Rabbis For Human Rights in Israel

      Rabbi Arik Ascherman "Reaching For the Olive Branch of Peace with a Young Palestinian."

      Rabbi Arik Ascherman is a leading voice in promoting human rights in Israel and Palestine, and has headed Rabbis for Human Rights - Israel since it was founded in 1988.  When human rights violations arise, RHR-Israel are the first to be called and respond, often putting themselves in "harms way". They are dedicated to non-violence, protecting the human rights of ALL; and through teaching - nurturing interfaith harmony among the many religions in Israel. RHR brings human rights grievances to the attention of the Israeli public through education and advocacy. 

      The Rabbi will share his personal experiences standing up for justice, mercy and compassion; his knowledge of the Holy Torah which commands mankind to pursue peace, and his insight into the struggles Israel is facing in the world today. Rabbi Arik Ascherman graduated from Harvard University and was ordained by Hebrew Union College in New York in 1989.

      Busboys and Poets 
      The "Peace Cafe" Room
      2021 14th St & V.
      Washington, DC. 20009

      The event is FREE  (Individuals are responsible for food and drink - if ordered)
      *Your voluntary donations will help continue the important work of RHR who:

                                                   - champion the cause of the disinfranchised
                                                   - support the rights of Israel’s minorities
                                                   - support and protect the rights of Palestinians 
                                                   - work to stop the abuse of foreign workers
                                                   - promote the equal status of women 
                                                   - facilitate help for Ethiopian Jews 
                                                   - struggle to end trafficking in women    

      “Who is the greatest hero? asks Avot dRabbi Natan (23: 1) and answers,

       “One who makes an enemy into a friend.”

      Rabbi Ascherman and his colleagues are frequently seen at the Knesset lobbying with partners in the "Forum Fighting Unemployment" on behalf of the weakest, poorest and most vulnerable within Israeli society. While the increasingly dominant nationalistic and particularistic understanding of Judaism echoes loudly, RHR inspires thousands of volunteers to stand up for justice and appeal for compassionate resolution for ALL. They are the "Rabbinic Voice of Conscience in Israel" ~ giving voice to the importance of acting toward the "stranger" in accordance with Jewish tradition; as explicitly stated in the Torah, "Do not wrong a stranger who resides with you in your land.  The stranger who resides with you shall be to you as one of your citizens:  You shall love the stranger as yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt:  I am the Lord your God" (Lev. 19:33-34).  

      RSVP to: Andra & Mai
      Andra Baylus:  meherababa@... / 202 552-1779
      Mai Abdul Rahman: maiabdulrahman@... 
      שמח מי לפעול בצדק, אשר עושים נכון בכל עת 
       "Happy are those who act justly, who do right at all times."  (Ps.106:3)


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