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Genealogy Nov. Notes-- Next Mtg. Dec. 10

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    Jewish Genealogical Society of Sacramento www.jgss.org November 27, 2006 Don t Miss Our Next Meeting -- A Video For My Grandchildren: Showcasing Our Family
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      Jewish Genealogical Society

      of Sacramento




      November 27, 2006



      Don't Miss Our Next Meeting -- A Video For My Grandchildren: Showcasing Our Family History

      Sunday, December 10, 2006, 10 a.m.   (A week earlier than our usual meetings)


      Our own Reva Camiel will share her recent adventures writing and producing her family video for her grandchildren.  She'll show the finished product that incorporates more than 500 photos, including old Russian and Polish photos and papers as well as clips from home movies.  The video showcases both humorous and sad situations that the Camiels, Lederbergs, Greens and Mandels went through. Reva promises you'll know more about her family than you ever wanted. 


      Reva will share tips on how she put together the video for those contemplating doing one of their own.  Apart from her genealogy interests, she is the author of several books and is currently editing another. 


      That's Sunday, December 10 at 10 a.m.



      November 19 Business Items


      President Burt Hecht called the meeting to order and welcomed members and guests.  Allan Bonderoff presented the treasurer's report -- we have $870.04 in our account.


      Burt reported receiving a communication from a Florida JGS group, seeking more people to get involved with Yad Vashem and submitting Pages of Testimony.


      Art Yates presented the Sacramento Genealogy Council report -- a profit was made on Family History Day this year, thanks to an increase in table fees and a successful raffle.  This year they plan no training day, but will try to work training items into regular meetings.  Art mentioned that Ancestry.com is offering free immigration records access through the end of November.


      Art noted that the LDS local Family History Library hours will be extended after the first of the year, but no specific hours yet noted.  The goal of the LDS nationally is to make access to all its records free and put them all online, but it will likely take years.


      IAJGS Conference Dates

      Next year's conference will be held in Salt Lake City from July 15 to 20.  Mark Heckman is on the organizing committee for the conference (as is November speaker Ron Arons) -- both flew to Salt Lake City last week to check on arrangements for next summer.  The Web site is now up: www.slc2007.org -- you can register, and if you want to be a speaker, you can submit a proposal.  Mark said the conference will be held at the Hilton, closed to the library.


      For those who want to plan ahead the 2008 conference will be held in Chicago August 17-22, and for 2009, London will be the location.


      Vice President Mort Rumberg gave an overview of upcoming programs (see list above), and Burt handed out a list for the 2007 calendar year.  Daniel Khazoom, a past speaker, will be among those featured next year, about the Jews of Baghdad.




      November Program  -- Ron Arons

      "The Internet Beyond




      Ron said his presentation is an updated version of presentations he made a conferences in Washington D.C. and Toronto.  A full listing of the Web sites he cited is included as an attachment; these notes will touch upon some of the sites he discussed.


      What can be found?  Ron said you can find newspapers and articles; living people, people still alive; maps and photos, and foreign language translations.


      Newspapers -- New York Times online -- 150 years with key word searchable.  Available until next April via New York GBS (www.newyorkfamilyhistory.org)


      Brooklyn Daily Eagle (online, free) www.brooklynpubliclibrary.org

      NY State Newspaper Project (list online) -- several Yiddish papers available via interlibrary loan http://www.nysl.nysed.gov/nysnp

      www.NewspaperArchive.com  (via Godfrey Library)

      List archives at New York Public Library

      List online at Library of Congress  (to know what's available)

      others via Ancestry.com


      www.ObitsArchives.com -- obituaries 1978 to present, but site charges.


      www.godfreylibrary.org "I strongly recommend you go to the Godfrey Library," Ron said.  "They've increased the number of databases they have -- It's a great deal and far better than ancestry.com."   The cost is $35 per year.


      To Find People:

      Don't overlook alumni databases-- "Both Donald Rumsfeld and I went to Princeton, and we're both in their alumni database," Ron said.


      There are numerous online people directories:







      www.TelDir.com  (international telephone directories)

      www.192.com (UK telephone and voter regis. lists)


      You can use all of these sites together, in aggregate you can get a whole lot of information without paying a penny, Ron said.


      Professional directories --  Ron suggested this is another way to go after living people.

      For attorneys, there is www.martindale.com, www.FindLaw.com, and State Bar Web sites.  For doctors, the AMA Web site, www.HealthGrades.com and state medical boards offer information.  For dentists, www.ada.org and www.doctorOogle.com.  Go to www.NASD.com for information on finding a securities broker.  For other professions and trades, www.searchsystems.net.


      www.classmates.com -- Ron found his first-grade sweetheart, sending her an e-mail and receiving a response.


      "Steve Morse gave me a challenge," Ron said, to find two women in his junior high class who hadn't previously been located and it wasn't known if they had different married names.  For one of the women, Steve did know the woman's first name and her birthday, and from that Ron was able to find her.


      "If you go home today with one thing, this site -- www.stevemorse.org is extremely powerful," Ron said.  It does require ancestry.com for the subscription unless you use it at the library.   Ron said found a woman in England without knowing her first or last name.  He just typed in "Jews and Staffordshire" and that led him to the right person.


      For phone numbers around the world: www.NumberWay.com.


      Maps, directions, photos:

      Among the Web sites offered by Ron:  http://earth.google.com, http://local.live.com (a Microsoft site that has added on many features), and www.propertyshark.com for New York City.


      International: Ron suggested checking out www.multimap.com, www.mapquest.com and www.expedia.com., www.images.google.com, for photos of towns, and more.


      For old maps, there is www.feefhs.org, www.alangodfreymaps.co.uk, www.generationspress.com, www.davidrumsey.com and the New York Public Library site where you can order maps.  The Old York Library site in New York has old NY postcard photos of various city locations  -- www.oldyorklibrary.org.


      Languages:  There is www.babelfish.altavista.com, www.yourdictionary.com, www.leo.org  -- "a fantastic English to German dictionary," and www.translate.ru, an English to Cyrillic or Cyrillic to English dictionary.  Ron also mentioned www.yiddishdictionaryonline.com.  He said JewishGen's ViewMate facility offers people who will translate documents for free -- you scan in an image and ask for help.  He has used it several times with success.  For Yiddish and many other languages, go to www.ectaco.com/online-dictionary.



      For finding books, Ron suggested www.bookfinder.com, www.alibris.com, www.bibliofind.com, and www.abebooks.com.


      Other: Ron said eBay is a great source of genealogy materials; there is also RAMBI, an index of articles on Jewish studies -- http://junul.huji.ac.il/rambi.


      Some pitfalls:  Ron said transcriptions and translations may not be right; images can be difficult to see, and don't assume what you find is gospel.  "Always back information up with the original document and think outside the box."


      In a short question-and-answer session, Allan Dolgow asked Ron if there were any way to block his personal information on various Web sites.  Ron said some of the Web sites allow you to take off information, but much of it is public record and very hard to stop.  In the old days, this information would be accessible basically to those who dug through documents at the county court house.  Now, with the Internet, the same information is easily available with a few clicks of the mouse.






      Upcoming Meeting Dates


      Sunday, December 10 (a week earlier than usual) -- Reva Camiel, "A Video for My Grandchildren"


      Sunday, January 21-- Allan Bonderoff, "From Shtetl to Hester Street"


      Sunday, February 11 -- Aaron Kornblum, Western Jewish History Center


      Sunday, March 18 -- Steve Morse -- The Jewish Calendar De-Mystified

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