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Minutes of 5/16 meeting

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  • JGS Sacramento
    Jewish Genealogy Society – Sacramento Minutes of Meeting, May 16, 2005 Einstein Senior Center Mort Rumberg acted as Secretary in Susanne Levitsky’s
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      Jewish Genealogy Society � Sacramento
      Minutes of Meeting, May 16, 2005

      Einstein Senior Center

      Mort Rumberg acted as Secretary in Susanne Levitsky�s absence.

      Allan Bondorff provided the Financial report: Balance in our account is

      Lester Smith � Librarian report: Negative � no new purchases. Lester
      also provided a briefing on the Yom HaShoah program, including Pages of
      Testimony. He encouraged everyone to go to the Yad Vashem site try to
      contact submitters.

      Bob Wascou provided a briefing on the Yad Vashem chart and explained
      how to go about submiting requests and what some various data fields
      meant for searches. Bob also noted that JGS-Sacramento is considering
      purchase of a video projector for use by speakers. Cost is around $600,
      plus $40 for accessories, plus tax. He anticipates that the Einstein
      Center will share the cost since they also have need for such a device.

      Tevan Laxer spoke about the first time he went on-line in his genealogy
      searches which brought about a reunion of his family.

      Since there were several new people at the meeting, Bob suggested we
      each introduce ourselves and indicate our research objectives.

      Art Yates reported on the California Genealogical Alliance meeting he
      attended, indicating that Pam Dallas is the contact. Art noted that
      there appears to be political action pending to close down genealogical
      research because of terrorist fears. Art also noted that a Genealogical
      workshop is planned for Saturday, October 15, 2005. Planning date is
      Wednesday, May 25th at 10:30 AM. Art will attend. He encouraged people
      to contact him and participate. He also mentioned that the LDS Family
      History Center will soon install scanners for output from LDS files. It
      will be at the Godfrey Memorial Library, $35 for an annual
      subscription. He also provided a major genealogy site:
      Jewishwebindex.com. Select "Genealogy" and you will see a list of all
      well-known Jewish genealogy sites.

      Bob mentioned that Lester Smith will speak on Immigration at the next

      Mark Heckman, meeting speaker, spoke on "How To Make Your Own 'Ken
      Burns-style' Family History Video". The presentation began with a very
      moving video from a Charlotte, NC, TV station, about a reunion of
      relatives after six decades.

      Mark explained what the "Ken Burns effect" was: Using still photos, you
      pan in on the photo then scan across it creating a "moving" effect.

      Mark said, to prepare for your video, do the following: gather film
      clips, pictures, interviews, narration, music.


      1) Gather the pieces (all the components for the video).

      2) Create a story line, putting everything in order and adjusting the

      3) Add titles.

      4) Add audio -- music and narration.

      5) Make a DVD, tape, or computer file to share with others.

      He noted that even DVD output is relatively low resolution, so pictures
      can be scanned using low resolution. You can digitize sound recordings
      using programs called WavePad and Audacity. Both are free and
      downloadable from: www.download.com.

      -If you already have digital video (i.e., on a digital camcorder), use
      a FireWire connection to download it to your computer; if analog
      (videotape), you must use video capture devices. Newer PCs and Macs
      often come with a video capture device, or you can buy one for about

      -You should use at least a 2 GHz CPU.

      -Video editing is hardware intensive, so a powerful PC is best.

      -Best with lots of memory (he recommends at least 512 MB).

      -Be sure you have lots of disk space (a single DVD uses 4 GB).

      -A good video card is a plus.

      -Install the latest video and sound drivers.

      -Two internal hard drives are not necessary, but are faster than one.

      Software for video editing will let you arrange scenes, transitions
      between scenes, and add and mix sound tracks. He mentioned the
      following software:

      -Ulead VideoStudio ver. 8 or 9

      -Pinnacle Studio 9 Plus

      -Adobe Premier Elements

      -Apple iMovie

      All are about $80-100 and all have the "Ken Burns effect" (pan and

      Also, Windows XP SP2 has Windows Movie Maker included for free, but
      that program does not have the "Ken Burns effect".

      Mark demonstrated a brief construction of a family history video using
      Ulead VideoStudio 8 (You can download ver. 9 free for 30 days from the
      Ulead web site www.ulead.com).

      To see Mark�s PowerPoint slides on the web (not the demonstration of
      VideoStudio, which you have to see live), go to:
      http://www.geocities.com/mrheckman/video/Video.htm (note the capital
      "V" in "Video.htm") Mark will give this presentation again at the Las
      Vegas genealogy conference in July.

      Submitted by:

      Mort Rumberg

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