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Next Sunday, Genealogy Mtg.

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  • SusanneLevitsky@aol.com
    Next Sunday, November 21, 10 a.m. Glenda Lloyd – Maiden Names We ll hear once again from Glenda Lloyd, this time in a presentation about maiden names.
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      Next Sunday, November 21, 10 a.m. 


      Glenda Lloyd – Maiden Names


      We'll hear once again from Glenda Lloyd, this time in a presentation about maiden names.  “Identifying females is one of the hardest challenges genealogists face,” Glenda says. “Often you have clues in your other records that will lead to these ladies.  A woman generated fewer records than her husband, brother or son. Use these people close to her to solve the mystery.”
      Glenda Gardner Lloyd is a longtime genealogist and fourth-generation Californian who grew up on a cattle ranch. She taught elementary school and worked as a reading specialist for 38 years. Glenda helped organize Root Cellar, the Sacramento Genealogical Society and served as its first president. She has taught genealogy classes through San Juan Adult Education for the past 28 years.


      Please join us for Glenda's presentation.



      From the November 14 issue of Avotaynu’s E-Zine

      NARA Now Allows Ordering of Digitized Images
      It is now possible to order digitized images of the holdings of the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration. This applies to immigration and naturalization records, land files, military service and pension records, court records, World War I draft registration cards, Native American records, census pages, and many other archival documents. The per-image fee is the same as the per-page fee for paper copies. In addition,
      NARA now offers digitized duplication of its microfilm holdings at an increased per roll rate. The digital copies that result from this new service are delivered via CD or DVD, depending upon file size. In most cases, the files are provided in PDF format. Additional information, including how to order digital images, can be found at http://www.archives.gov/press/press-releases/2011/nr11-18.html.

      Online Map of
      Poland is a country that has gone through an enormous amount of boundary changes throughout the centuries. In fact, from 1795–1918, it did not exist as an independent country. Now there is an Internet site that provides an animated picture of these boundary changes. It is located at http://polmap.republika.pl/polska1.htm. Start with the 10th–11th century map (shown as X-XI) and click the Next button to see how Poland’s geography changed at different time periods.

      Slovak Jewish Heritage Site
      The Slovak Jewish Heritage Center has an Internet site located at http://www.slovak-jewish-heritage.org that is devoted to providing information about major Jewish sites in the
      Slovak Republic. The material covers a range of topics including synagogues, former educational and other communal buildings, cemetery chapels, and selected cemeteries.

      You can download a brochure, Slovak Jewish Heritage Route, at http://www.slovak-jewish-heritage.org/fileadmin/www_files/images/Slovak_Jewish_Heritage_Route.pdf providing photographs of Jewish buildings in 21 Slovak towns. There is also a book, Synagogue Architecture in Slovakia: A Memorial Landscape of a Lost Community, available on the site.

      Annual Research Trip to
      Once again, genealogists Howard Margol and Penny Mosinger Freedman are organizing a group trip to
      Lithuania from July 5–15, 2011. This will be their 18th annual trip. Included are visits to the various archives, synagogues, former ghettos, Holocaust sites, meetings with Jewish leaders, sightseeing guide/interpreters, and two days to visit and spend time in your shtetl or shtetlach of interest. Trip cost includes meals (except for one dinner and two lunches), accommodations in new and modern hotels, bus transportation, and much more. The tour operators are on a first-name basis with many of the archivists and Jewish leaders in Lithuania. Additional information can be found at http://www.litvaktrip.peggyspage.org or by sending e-mail to litvaktrip@....

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