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"Update" email messages from Yahoo groups

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  • jgs_sacramento
    Hi everyone, Some of you recently received an update email from Yahoo groups when someone joined this list. This is a brand new feature that Yahoo is
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2010
      Hi everyone,

      Some of you recently received an "update" email from Yahoo groups when someone joined this list. This is a brand new "feature" that Yahoo is trying out. It is something that is per user and has nothing to do with the JGS Sacramento list, so I can't disable it. At the bottom of the message, however, there's an "unsubscribe" link that you can use to turn off these announcements if you don't want to receive them. Frankly, I consider these messages to be a form of spam. Yahoo essentially said as much, in that Yahoo wants people to "fundamentally change the way that people think of Yahoo! Groups", which is why they are making it opt-out instead of opt-in. Believe me, you can safely opt out of these notices for the JGS Sacramento list and you won't miss anything, unless you want to continue to receive vague notices like "1 member joined the group".

      --Mark Heckman

      P.S. Here's what a Yahoo engineer said in a forum when asked if there was a way to turn off this feature for a group:

      Q- Why can't moderators opt their group out?

      1. The Updates email is not a feature of a group; it is a cross groups feature
      that is really a (more fully featured) email version of the recent group
      activity notifications that appear on the Groups Front Page and the My Groups
      page. So just as moderators can't opt their groups out of notifications there,
      they can't opt out of having notifications appear in the Updates Email.
      2. As mentioned in the bullet above, whether or not the Updates Email is useful
      or not is really user specific rather than group specific. So we strongly
      believe that control over this feature needs to stay fully in the hands of the

      Q- Why has the feature been enabled for all users by default?

      1. The reality of the web is that opt in features simply don't get much use. If
      this feature had the power to make users ten years younger and provide them with
      super strength, we would still only get a small percentage of users to opt in.
      So if you want to fundamentally change the way that users think of Yahoo!
      Groups, and ultimately the goal of this feature is to help make Groups more than
      just a list serve (while still keeping the email system strong), enabling the
      feature for all users by default is really the only option.
      2. As mentioned above, many users have either forgotten they were members of
      groups or only participate in groups via email. These are the users the Updates
      Email is most intended to serve, but it is also the group that is least likely
      to even hear about the feature if it were opt in.
      3. The Updates Email will be on by default for all new users of Yahoo! Groups,
      and it would cause strange (and potentially negative) patterns of behavior in
      groups, if only the new members of groups were being notified of activity in the
      For all these reasons, we made the decision to enable the feature by default for
      all users. But at the same time, we made sure the opt out process was as simple
      as possible: one click taking just a few seconds.
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