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Sunday Genealogy Meeting, March 15

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  • SusanneLevitsky@aol.com
    Ukraine Scrapbook -- A Journey That Took 105 Years to Plan and Finally Take Sunday, March 15, 2009, 10 a.m. Jewish Genealogical Society of Sacramento Member
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 12, 2009
      Ukraine Scrapbook -- A Journey That Took 105 Years to Plan and Finally

      Sunday, March 15, 2009, 10 a.m.

      Jewish Genealogical Society of Sacramento

      Member Allan Dolgow’s presentation is more than his trip to the
      Ukraine; it is his genealogical journey. When Allan started it was his
      journey into the past, but what resulted was a journey into the
      present. It’s a story of how he found relatives living in the
      Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Canada, India and the United States, and how
      it culminated in his visit to a cousin in the Ukraine.

      Last August, Allan traveled to Kiev, Novograd Volinsky, Kamenny Brod
      and Polonne. Using data bases, networking and applying an approach that
      is not taught, Allan was able to locate an 87-year-old second cousin
      [her grandfather and his were brothers] living in Polonne. This cousin
      turned out to have an interesting background; she had worked as a
      surgeon at a field hospital in the Russian Army during WW II. Meeting
      her and her granddaughters and grandniece has added numerous branches
      to Allan’s family tree; he found relatives living in Israel, France,
      Russia, India, and even in the United States.

      Come and learn more about Allan Dolgow’s Ukraine trip at 10 a.m.,
      Sunday, March 15, at the Albert Einstein Residence Center, 1935 Wright
      Street, Sacramento.

      And below is an article by a Maryland columnist which may be o
      interest -- wouldn’t we like to know 25 random things about even one or
      two relatives....

      The Paper of Montgomery County Online Rockville, MD
      Random things about me
      Karen Zach

      Tuesday, March 3, 2009

      My genealogy pal, Phil, sent me one of those e-mails the other day that
      I usually nix, yet, I looked at this one and thought, "Oh, wow, what a
      nifty idea for the article." So, thanks Phil.

      In his e-mail, he requested me to send him "25 Random Things About Me."
      Now, I'm not going to share all my 25, but will a few, then, what I
      really want you to do is write-down 25 for each ancestor and close
      relative you remember (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles...).

      Here are mine so you'll get the idea and I'll do a couple for each of
      my parents and grandparents. By then, you'll be able to see what a
      fabulous genealogical tool this is.

      1) Jim and I eloped to Michigan in one of the biggest snowstorms ever
      recorded in that state.

      2) I climbed the Waveland water tower when I was 15 (on a 50 cent bet
      that by the way, I didn't receive until 40 years later and he wouldn't
      pay me interest).

      3) Between my eighth-grade and freshman year, and Jim Fullenwider's
      seventh- and eighth-grade summer he and I did our Freshman Biology I
      Bug Collection project together. I got a B+ and the next year, he got
      an A. Go figure!

      4) I ga
      ve my Girl Scout Summer Camp Counselor, Sharon Kay Young, the
      nickname SKY. It stuck - she wrote me many years later and said it was
      still her nickname.. I thought it was ridiculous no one else had
      thought of it. By the way, I love to give nicknames.

      Okay, you get the picture on me (now, wouldn't you just love to hear
      the rest?). Alas, here goes two each for my parents and grandparents.
      My father Fred Bazzani (who had no middle name or initial), loved to
      eat peanut butter and jelly on Ritz Crackers. He also could make the
      best lemonade pie EVER. Kathryn (Kate) Smith Bazzani, my mom, kept her
      old boyfriend's letters and read them all the time (I finally threw 'em
      away - you guessed it, she was MAD). She named me (my middle name)
      after a fat male comedian she thought was hilarious and wanted me to be
      funny, too. Not telling you who that was but maybe you can guess.

      My grandfather, Leland (Carl) Smith, lived in Waveland most of his
      adult life and loved lemon pie as well as horehound candy (that stuff
      tastes like medicine - yuk). His wife, Sarah Hazel Morgan Smith and
      Carl met when he bought her food basket (he'd heard her mother made
      great pies) at a church social. Just FYI - I still have that basket.

      My grandfather, Antonio (Tony) Bazzani taught me how to cuss in Italian
      (I'm grinning as I still remember a few words). He also would start
      ballgames with us five first cousins (
      his grandchildren) and then leave
      in the middle of it (playing just long enough to get us riled-up). My
      Italian grandmother, Carolina Berti Bazzani changed her name from Clara
      (her grandmother's name which she hated) to Carolina. She once killed a
      black snake almost as big as she was with her bare hands to save her
      little brother whom the reptile was encircling.

      So, you see, genealogy is NOT just names, dates, places, but a lot of
      fun when you learn the little pieces of trivia about those you have
      gone before you. Now, get busy and make your list.

      See you all at Sunday's meeting, 10 a.m., March 15!
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