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361A week from Sunday, June 15th Meeting

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  • SusanneLevitsky@...
    Jun 4, 2014
      Jewish Genealogy Society of Sacramento
      Sunday, June 15, 2014, 10 a.m.
      "The Julian Calendar and Its Importance to Genealogists"-- Steve Morse
      The Julian calendar is important to historians because it was used worldwide for more than 16 centuries, and in various parts of the world for another three centuries after that. It's important to genealogists because it was used to record events in many countries as recently as the early 1900s.
      Converting from Julian calendar dates to our current Gregorian calendar dates appears to be straightforward. But a deeper look shows the subtle issues involved, such as double-dating, undetermined year starts and birthdates that change over time.
      Steve Morse returns to give us a historic perspective of the Roman calendars from which the Julian calendar is derived. He'll then explain the workings of the Julian calendar and the reforms made to convert it to the more accurate Gregorian calendar.  Steve will discuss the implications of these reforms and the problems they can cause for genealogists and historians.
      Mark your calendars for Sunday, June 15.