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1702File - Quick & Dirty List Rules

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  • JCP_update@yahoogroups.com
    Jul 1, 2013
      Thanks so much for inviting my list into your inbox. JCP Update is a spot for me to let readers know where to find my stuff on the web.

      To keep post volume under control and digests to a manageable size, I ask that everyone adhere to the following guidelines:

      - No one-word replies, please. It makes me crazy when digests are cluttered with posts that contain only the acronym "ROFL," and then a big, untrimmed hunk of the post it's replying to. Also, "hugs." Don't get me wrong, I adore dialog. But please say something with content in it if you're gonna post, and try to remember to trim your replies so we see only the part you're replying to, and not a daisy chain of untrimmed messages with twenty-line signatures.

      - No promos. The purpose of this list is for me to provide links to my stuff and answer reader questions.

      - Be nice to your fellow list members.

      - If you're posting a potential spoiler, indicate that in the subject line or the top of your post, ideally followed by a spoiler space.

      - Feel free to set your membership to "Special Notices Only" if you want to receive updates and links but don't have room in your inbox for chatty posts. I'll set all posts of update nature to "Special Notice."

      Thanks again for signing up!

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