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Re: [J28Sailors] The J-28 Market

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  • Frank Francis
    Best of luck to you Bill! She s been for sale for some time now so I would imagine they re ready to sell. Take care, Frank ... Best of luck to you Bill! She s
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      Best of luck to you Bill! She's been for sale for some time now so I would imagine they're ready to sell.

      Take care,

      On Jan 24, 2013, at 11:46 AM, William Kellett wrote:


      Frank Francis,


      I have had that there was a J-28 for sale in Texas but never had good contact information.  Now, with what you have provided here I was able to successfully Google it and she looks OK.


      Thank you very much for the lead.


      Cheers,  Bill

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      There's a 1986 J/28 for sale at HSH Yachts on Galveston Bay in Texas. They're asking $29,500. I haven't seen it in person but it appears to be in good shape and fairly well equipped. It also has marine air (something cherished down here!)


      Best of luck!



      On Jan 22, 2013, at 6:30 AM, William Kellett wrote:



      Good Morning, Bill Kellett here.

      I am a new member of the J-28 group.  My wife and I are long time cruisers and we are now scaling down from a larger boat to, hopefully, a J-28.

      As part of our search for the “right” small cruising boat I spoke to Rod Johnstone, a neighbor and he recommended the J-28 as being exactly what we want.  He seems very proud of the design. However, he said it will be hard to find one to purchase as so few come on the market.  And, we have found this to be true.  Even the owners of currently listed J-28’s appear to be in no rush to sell.

      If any of you know of a J-28coming on the market (or wish to sell your own) please let me know.  We will pay a fair price.  We have prepared a J-28 evaluation check list that shows all of the standard equipment that was on the boat as originally delivered plus the additional items that we consider important (and hope would have been added by current or prior owners) or that we would add ourselves after purchase.  I will e-mail this check list to any of you that send me an e-mail requesting it.

      Regards,  Bill (w.kellett@...)




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