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RE: [J28Sailors] Deck moisture

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  • Roy Briscoe
    We looked 3 Pearson 32.2s last year, before we bought the J28. They all had wet decks and we got an estimate of around 10K to fix them. You just might want to
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 23, 2010
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      We looked 3 Pearson 32.2s last year, before we bought the J28. They all had wet decks and we got an estimate of around 10K to fix them.
      You just might want to pass unless you can get the boat cheap. It's too bad that people just don't do a little maintenance, like resealing the chain plate caps, bedding the tracks and stanchions every 5 years or so. These items get stressed and seals can be broken. A little maintenance can eliminate these issues. The stanchions on the J28 shouldn't cause any deck issues, because they are mounted in solid fiberglass, but they can leak onto the teak in the cabin.
      Our J28 had just a little moisture at the aft end of the tracks and the port side of the bow pulpit, which we are going address this winter by rebedding and we might try drying it by putting a lamp under the area first. The chain plates were moisture free.
      You may want to look into getting a moisture meter, used or new, for your boat hunting. They are easy to use, you just have to look out for false readings and certain bottom paints will set them off. Or if you have a home inspection buddy, borrow their's.

      To: J28Sailors@yahoogroups.com
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      Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2010 08:43:32 -0800
      Subject: [J28Sailors] Deck moisture

      The moisture in the decks of this boat is significant, but no delamination has
      occured yet.

      I need to get the actual meter reading from the surveyor. He thought that the
      problem needs to be addressed soon, and if it is, I could avoid recoring the
      deck and a major project.

      His suggestion was to strip the hardware off the deck. Cover the boat and keep
      lamps under the deck and allow the moisture to slowly dry out over the winter.
      Then seal/inject west system, over drill and fill all holes to prevent further

      My question is, if this were a j 24 or 27 without a cabin liner this would be
      easy. I think the liner extends in the cabin under the tracks and around the
      chainplates so I wonder how feasible this is.

      The other option would be to drill a bunch of holes in the deck (ugly) and
      either use a heat gun or use acetone or denatured alchol to remove the moisture,
      then inject the epoxy.

      Any advice is appreciated. I am investigating some other boats. But they are far
      from me and I dont want to go thru the hole survey/negotiation process again to
      find the same issues. I think ANY j made in the 80s is going to have moisture.
      The question is how it will affect the future life of the boat.

      The current owners of the boat have been great to deal with and have maintained
      the boat well. I would like to go ahead with the purchase of this boat so long
      as I can fix this problem with our huge yard fees (ie do it myself!)

      Thanks to all


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