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980Re: [J28Sailors] Bug finally bit me, wanna upgrade from racer to cruiser/racer.

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  • william luoma
    Jul 1, 2014
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      the mast is a booger to handle and you need to have a crane or some type of lift on the spreaders just to leverage it in and out of the deck opening. remember it is 46' long and weighs a lot.

      On Tuesday, July 1, 2014 1:48 PM, "shnool@... [J28Sailors]" <J28Sailors@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      I've looked at a number of boats, and my criteria was for:
      Standing Headroom (I'm 6' tall)
      Wheel steering (not sure why, but I want a wheel)
      Traveler close to the wheel
      self-tailers (or at least big winches that I can cross sheet)
      inboard (diesel)
      decent performance (keep in mind I sail a Capri 25 now).

      The J/28 seems to hit all of my hot-buttons.  My biggest concern is I want to trailer sail it, rather.. not really, I'll be moving it 2 times a year, once to put in, once to haul it out.  It'll be at a slip from Early May, until Mid Oct.  If it takes all day to launch it won't be the end of the world.

      I'm a self sufficient guy, and was able to ramp launch my Capri 25, with 4'2" keel, and step the mast myself. Different animal I know... 

      My biggest concern with the J/28 is the keel stepped mast.  I realize people do this (albeit Never solo) with a large gin-pole, or other type of derrick (A-frame as high as the spreaders I assume).  So it's doable perhaps with 3 people?  Anyone do this themselves with a crew?

      Before you ask, NO we don't have a crane at our club (or anywhere on the lake), and NO we don't have a travel lift... I am strap launching my Capri 25 from my 3500 dually diesel.  Looking strictly at numbers the #6000 doesn't scare me in that regard.  We have other 28 footers on the lake... but they all have deck stepped masts.  We generally raise masts ON the water too.  It's an inland lake, and the shoreline is nearly all trees (so only one place anywhere to launch where the stick can be up first).

      My Capri 25, rates 84 portsmouth, and 172 PHRF, so the overall performance for the j28 looks close or slightly faster than my Capri 25... 

      Keep in mind my Capri 25 barely has sitting headroom, so if there isn't 6ft headroom everywhere, it's not a big deal, but a grown up head would be a HUGE bonus.

      Know anyone wanting to trade down to a smaller boat/motor/trailer?  I've had terrible luck so far with listing my boat... and figured the non-balsa core and new sails would be decent selling points.

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