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936Re: [J28Sailors] My J 28 up for Sale

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  • thistle4002
    Nov 9, 2013
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      Another GREAT singlehander that is easy to maintain, though does not have the performance of a j boat  would be a  cape dory 25  (not a 25D)

      There are several in my harbor, they are goo little sailors and have the room below for some extended overnites and coastal cruising.  Not fast, not slow, nice sailers and PRETTY.

      One final boat that I have seen and like for sailing alone is the Freedom 21

      Good Luck......I maybe following in your footsteps soon, as as much as i ABSOLUTELY love the 28, I would rather sail, than work on a boat and be raped by the boat yard! lol

      On Nov 9, 2013, at 9:57 AM, Hans Andersen wrote:


      Hi All,
      It is time to put my J28 on the market(tears) because I love the way this boat sails.  I sail mainly singlehanded and did a couple of races in Lake St Clair.  Managed to get 2nd and 3rd place flags for my efforts.  I am well into retiree age and my wife gave up sailing this year.  The boat has always been in fresh water in Lake Erie and St Clair and used only in the summer months.  If anybody is interested please let me know.  I am looking into a J 24 because I may be old but still love to sail.  Does anyone have experience with the  24 ?.  I will be sailing it by myself unless I can get some good looking crew.  Good sailing
      Hans Andersen
      Last Dance

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