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  • Bill Foster
    Jul 12, 2013
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      Thanks for the response and background, good stuff.




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      I have sailed my J/28 Windy from Boothbay Harbor, ME (where I bought her) down to the Chesapeake and then further south to Key West and did several offshore legs in the process. I sailed with three crew total and found that with provisions, beer, etc., we were good for about 36 hrs or so on a max leg and after that, both boat and crew needed a shower and beer break. The boat handles fine off shore as long as you don’t have head-on seas and I have been in as much as 40kts of wind heading downwind on the backside of a tropical storm on a broad reach. she is very sea kindly off the wind in moderate spaced seas and does not ship much water unless you are head in to the sea when the light displacement can’t keep up with the need to drive through the waves - sort of bobs like a cork. I have been over 50 nm offshore with no issues but again, no real weather, either. what they tell you is true - the boat is tougher than you are and can stand up to more punishment in rough conditions than you. in in extreme conditions we will take a reef or two and fly the full jib (135) until it gets above 25 kts apparent, then start wrapping the jib for balance on the rig.


      some pointers before going offshore - first, I would do a complete rigging check to include the steering gear as I have noticed on this forum that rudder posts are now becoming an issue. replace any suspect standing rigging and make sure that you have got a good, strong tune on the rig to avoid mast pumping, especially downwind. also, have confidence in your chainplates and re-bed them every year as a commissioning item. I love my boat but after having sailed the Newport to Bermuda race in bigger boats, I prefer the latter. if you are going to head south, then get a copy of van zant’s “thornless path to windward” which tells you how to do it without undue exposure on long transits to heavy conditions. and as one cruising couple put it, “we don't sail in over 30kts and in less than 6 ft of water.”  good luck.





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      A General inquiry to all. I have been wondering if anyone has, or knows of someone who has extensively cruised a J28? I'm thinking of say, down the seaboard to the Caribbean, or through the Caribbean or offshore to Bermuda and back....

      Just curious, as I often dream of such excursions and i would be interested to hear how others have found the boat on such a trip.

      Personally i think the boat is well constructed, and could be made suitable for such a trip. but i do worry about the port lights and the rig offshore.


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