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86A few questions

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  • Lenny Reich
    Jun 24, 2009
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      Now that my boat is all together and in the water, I have a few questions --

      The electric power cables for the mast-head light and steaming light exit the mast just below the mast collar, up near the ceiling in the forward cabin. They are rather long, and I have a feeling that the guys who prepared the boat for transport pulled them out of their conduit. Where do they connect into the boat's electrical system?

      Has anyone modified or replaced the monolithic Lexan drop board for the companionway? It just seems heavy, awkward, and ugly. Two or three wooden boards would look very nice in there.

      What size genoa sheets work best? The ones I have inherited are 3/8" and slip through the winch self-tailing mechanism. I tried a small piece of 7/16", but that seemed to slip a bit too, while 1/2" seems awfully big.

      Where do you cleat the spinnaker halyard? I only have one cleat on the mast, and the topping lift needs it. At the moment, I have run the halyard through a turning block at the base of the mast and tied it off to the grab-rail -- not a very good solution. I suppose I could mount another cleat on the mast or maybe one on the deck, between the mast and the small hatch above the head.

      Thanks for your input --

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