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708Re: [J28Sailors] Bottom Paint Removal

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  • David Hastings
    Mar 24 5:07 PM
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      Hi John,

      I removed 20 years of bottom paint from my boat and posted pictures (see Headroom). First I tried the environmentally friendly stripper. That hardly touched it. Then I tried some normal stripped with still poor results. Then a guy who does this for a living suggested I use a 3/4 wood chisel being very careful. I bought a new, sharp, quality wood chisel and carefully started. It worked great and I ended up doing the entire bottom with it. I found at least five coats of bottom paint but it came off pretty easy, just took a lot of time. The original bottom had never been sanded so it came out pretty shiny. Once the paint was removed, I sanded the gloss of, applied five coats of Interlux epoxy barrier coat and then two coats of Pettit bottom paint, the good stuff. The entire job took me about 10 days. I know the chisel thing sounds scary but, in fact, it was pretty straight forward and I didn't make a single scratch in the bottom.

      This is me after a day of chiseling. It's a messy job!

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      On Mar 24, 2013, at 6:05 PM, "taylorbj28" <taylorbj28@...> wrote:


      I wish to remove many layers of thick blue ablative bottom paint from the boat. Has anyone done this themselves? Do the chemical paint strippers work?

      Thank you,
      Brad Taylor

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