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  • John
    Mar 7, 2013
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      Hello all

      Anxiously awaiting spring here and in full speed mode to make some repairs and get the boat cleaned up for launch in mid april... assuming it will stop snowing in CT at somepoint.

      First question, has anyone here done any re-core of their decks, specifically at the chainplate.
      My sureveyor thought my decks were showing moisture from the chainplates to the cockpit.

      Bad news is a lot of SOAKED rotted core, around the stb chainplate and a litte on the port side
      but the rest of the deck is bone dry. I have the hanging locker out and am GOING IN, from underneath. Does anyone know what thickness the balsa to use? and tips or advice for refinishing the ceiling after this is done? The repair is going much quicker and easier than I thought...just trying to gather as much info from anyone that has done this. David Hastings did this repair on his boat and has a lot of good ideas i can forward if anyone else is "in the same boat" as me :)

      Second question, Any good advice re removing old 4200 from the fasteners and deck before I re bed the the hardware?

      Third question. The preovious owners used Cetol on the wood work, I have to admit that for the past two years I have not had time to keep it up so its time to strip off and start over. I hate the chem strippers to begin with and since the deck is opened up and drying the use of water etc is out of the question at the moment....any thoughts

      Thinks spring....some day ill get a new genoa!

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