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57Re: Jazz #289

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  • Lenny Reich
    Jun 4, 2009
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      Hi, Tom. Welcome aboard!

      I'm wondering about your number. According to J Boats, there were 71 J/28s made. Your boat's hull number is embedded in its Hull Identification Number. For example, my boat is hull #29: its HIN is TSP80029G687, where TSP is the code for the builder (Tillotson-Pearson), 80 is TSP's code for the J/28, and 029 is the hull number. (Then G is for the month it was made [July], 87 is the model year, and 6 [i.e., 86] is the actual year it was made. Confusing, no?)

      Do you ever take Jazz through Hell Gate and into Long Island Sound? I sailed for a number of years out of Raritan Bay, just south of Staten Island, and made the trek up past NYC and into Long Island Sound a few times. That opens up Block Island Sound, Newport, Buzzard's Bay, out to Nantucket. Great sailing there.

      Best -- Lenny
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