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524Head ache and checking in with the group

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  • John
    Jun 26, 2012
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      hello all,

      Pretty quiet here on the group

      I posted a while ago. The head on my boat is coming loose from the floor of the liner.
      One person replied that the solution was to cut an inspection port to do this. I was about to attempt this but am concerned that once i cut the hole. I might not be able to reach inside to put in backing plates.

      It appear there is some wood laminated inside the liner.
      I am wondering the about the option of 1)

      Filling the existing holes with thickened epoxy and resetting the lag bolts.

      2) Moving the whole assembly to one side or the other and redrilling new holes

      Not sure what to do, as its tough to judge the condition of the wood underneath.

      Thanks for any advice!

      Next project chainplates and decks

      Btw, for those of you that follow, I now have great being with a newly (and quite resonably aligned rudder bearing...guess I lucked out with a GOOD and reasonable yard $700 total).

      Thanks in advance for all the help. I really like the folks in this group!


      PS Bob Ryan are you still out there? Thanks again for everything.. the boat is great.
      Is that you selling the Freedom on ebay? :P Shoot me an email sometime and we can discuss our new boats. I am glad to have met you and appreciate all your help when I bought your 28!