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437Re: [J28Sailors] Diesel questions continued

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  • John Power
    Jun 1, 2011
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      Sounds good. I will check it. Im just wondering why it will run fine for 10-20 mins, then the rpms get funky, then it goes away.
      Seems to me if there was an air leak like you describe, it would show up as soon as the engine started.  Still I amgoing to follow your advice....

      I am goingt toand check my foredeck too. My surveyor completely missed a spot at the starboard chainplate. That will be my upside down project later this summer since I am already in the water, luckily I think I found it early and i can probably use a dremel or fein sander and dig out between the glass layers of the deck and pack glass in there to restore the integrity of the area and block out furthe water penetration. I plan on removing everything this winter, drying out the core as much as possible with some acetone and rebedding, hoping to avoid the whole re core issue as long as possible

      Thanks for the advice.


      On Jun 01, 2011, at 01:09 PM, John <jfws88@...> wrote:


      JP, my guess is you have a very small air leak in the fuel system that is closing up with thermal expansion. I'd double check all the hose clamps on the fuel lines and take out and clean or at least tighten the bleed screw on the top of the primary filter.
      If the filter was the problem it wouldn't go away with temperature and would get worst as you loaded the moter or rev'ed it up.


      --- In J28Sailors@yahoogroups.com, "John" <sailingmaster@...> wrote:
      > This is my first experience with a diesel inboard so Im learning as I go.
      > From what I understand a little reg maintenance and they are pretty headache free....so here goes.
      > Often, but not always within the first 15-30 mins of running the diesel on my boat, the engine rpms will fluctuate. The problem will last a minute or two, then it seems to go away.
      > I originally thought it might have had something to do with cold weather, but it continues now as the temps are up in the 80s. How concerned should I be?
      > I would think this might be a sign of air or water in the fuel, but that doesnt explain how it ceases after the engine has been running. When I bought the boat, I put on all new filters and had the fuel tank drained, cleaned and replaced with fresh diesel. It has been treated at each fill up with algicide and fuel stablilizer.
      > The other thing I think I need to do, is to change the primary fuel filter. I have the old style and cannot see when water has accumulated in the bowl and can only drain it by taking the whole thing apart. Any advice on replacing this. Current and commercial traffic are issues where I sail, so knowing that my engine is going to run is important to my anal retentive peace of mind.
      > I dont know if I am worried about nothing. The engine seems to run fine after that first half hour,and is amazingly quiet and smooth.
      > Thanks in advance for the info!
      > JP

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