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385RE: [J28Sailors] Re: Pulling the mast - wiring

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  • Roy Briscoe
    Jan 9, 2011
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      I rewired our mast last spring. There is a plastic tube attached to an inside track. We slid the tube out, snaked some messenger string down the mast from the top and the steaming light. Ran the wires in the tube for the mast head/anchor light and the steaming light/deck light.  Slid the tube back in while keeping a little tension on the messenger strings.
      If you can afford, it go with an LED mast head light, no bulb to replace. The manufacturers seem to think the LED lights are made out of gold though.

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      Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2011 10:06:14 -0500
      Subject: Re: [J28Sailors] Re: Pulling the mast

      Hi Bruce,
      Just read your reply about pulling the mast.
      Are you a member of the North Star sail club on the Clinton River?
      I have done a few Single handed lake St Clair Race's and ended up at NSSC.
      It was before I got the J28.
      How did you wire the mast for the Light?
      Good Sailing

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      I also pull the mast every fall. My sail club has a Gin Pole. Check with someone from a local club to see if you can use the Gin Pole and you will likely find a volunteer or two to coach you through the first time.

      I use 3 - 4 people, as we have a manual hoist on the gin pole and it is easier for the person on the boat to hand the base of the mast to someone on shore when bringing it down.

      I have just a small windex light (Davis Instruments) at the top of the mast. Lights the windex and also provides an all around light.

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      > Hi Jason,
      > I Pull the mast every fall when the J 28 is going in the Cradle for the Winter.
      > The Storage Marina have a Gin pole, I do all the preparation's, unhook all the wires and the stay's, after that is done I get one man from the marina to help and it takes about
      > 30 to 45 minutes including going to the top and undo the instrument's, cost about $50 to $75.
      > I like the mast down, first to clean it and wax it for the season, I also wrap the mast for the winter. I sail on Lake StClair in Canada By Detroit.
      > Another reason for taking the Mast down is to alienate the "Stress " on the Hull in the winter storm's.
      > I would like to install a masthead light, any suggestion's?
      > Hans,
      > J 28 "Last Dance"

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