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378Re: [J28Sailors] More questions!

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  • john power
    Dec 30, 2010
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      When you used the cruising kite, did u ease off the tack line to go deeper?

      There is a great instructional video on the North direct site re sailing a  cruising assym.

      On Dec 30, 2010, at 7:55 AM, Roy Briscoe wrote:

      I too tried what the manual said and initially put the mast as far back as possible. Then moved it forward, per recommendations of some J105 racers. The boat is faster with it the base forward and you get some helm.
      We used a cruising asymmetrical from the anchor roller this past year and no issues, other than the cruising kite is about 3/4 sized and we were faster downwind going wing on wing with the 155 in almost all wind conditions. In really light winds, we dropped the main and just used the kite, this was faster than wing on wing. I don't think deflection of the anchor roller is an issue. On a close reach, if the wind is blowing hard enough to deflect the anchor roller, you probably shouldn't be using the Akite and should be using the jib, otherwise you could blow out the .5 oz chute or broach.
      We had very limited angles of sail with the cruising chute we had. Maybe 80-110 degrees. The windex was either just forward or just aft of the beam, anything else and the chute collapsed. Hopefully this was just because it is a cruising kite and if we had a "real" one we would get a better range and be faster. Where the J28 doesn't have an anchor locker at the bow, you might consider a baby bow sprit. I went to an open house at TPI this spring and there were some Alerion 28s using them with good results. Of course you would lose the +9 sec handicap the A-Kite gets you.
      Doing outside gybes takes a bit of practice. It is easier in winds over 7-8 knots than when it is under that wind.
      Have a good holiday,
      Roy #29

      To: J28Sailors@yahoogroups.com
      From: sailingmaster@...
      Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2010 02:52:32 +0000
      Subject: [J28Sailors] More questions!

      IM learning a lot from this group.

      Does anyone have any advice on tuning the mast? Seems to be a large contradiction.

      The J28 owners manual says to place the mast step as far aft as possible. All the dinghys i have sailed try to push the mast step as far forward as possible to maximize rake and minimize the J dimension. I have seen some people using the j30 tuning guide which indicates a forward step...but then again the boat is longer with a slightly bigger rig...

      Is there enough adjustment in the headstay and backstay to accomodate these tweaks without big re rigging expenses?

      I have a ton to learn about big boats so look out!

      Thanks again for any help. If any of you serious racers/perfomace oriented sailors Id beare local to CT area, Id be happy to offer some labor during commissioning time for some knowledge


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