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268RE: [J28Sailors] Re: A Chute tack line pictures

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  • Roy Briscoe
    Jun 8, 2010
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      I measured the foot this past winter, it was something like 17.5', which puts it into the cruising category. I think a racing chute foot is more like 18.9'. I didn't measure anything else. It did come with about 12"-16" wire lead attached to the head. We took off the sock and the wire lead it came with. The sock was a little funky with bungy cords and fairly large hoop. I've seen socks with a small fiberglass funnel and the sock is attached to it. If we had that, we might use it for cruising, not sure if we would use it for racing.

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      Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2010 14:59:01 +0000
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      Do you know the overall dimension of your A-sail?
      From: Roy Briscoe <roysail@hotmail. com>
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      I think the anchor bent the bolt down or it was bent on purpose so the anchor "set" better, but my guess is the weight of the anchor bent it. We stow the anchor and chain in the forward part of the starboard settee. We are using one of my sets of spare spinnakers sheets from the Colgate for the chute. Their length seems Ok so far, they are something like 55' long or about twice as long as the J28.
      We were a little concerned about using that cleating system with the traveler, thinking there might be too much friction through the pad eye, but it seemed Ok in 18 knots of breeze. I put a 3x3 block on the other side of the new traveler cleat as a backing plate. We are thinking of adding a fine tune to the main sheet setup though.


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      Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2010 14:16:34 +0000
      Subject: [J28Sailors] Re: A Chute tack line pictures


      Nice pictures. We have been kicking around the idea of an A-sym chute. Did the pressure of the spinnaker bend the anchor roller at all? It looks bent in the picture.

      I also like what you did with the traveller. I need to do that. It was blowing up to 30 this weekend and now my shoulder feels funny. It is probably from having to release and then bring back the traveller. It is a real hassle to adjust the traveller in heavy air.

      --- In J28Sailors@yahoogro ups.com, "roysail3" <roysail@...> wrote:
      > I put up some pictures today of 2 renditions of installing the tack line. The Cruising mode picture is how I think it was set up originally using the beads around the roller furler. I'd recommended using the 2nd jib halyard if you are going to do it this way so you can do inside gybes.
      > We are going to use the spinnaker halyard, the anchor roller and do outside gybes. We tried it Tuesday night in very light wind, launching and retrieving from the forward hatch and under the jib. Very easy, we had no problems and had never tried it before. We walked the spinnaker clew around the headstay for the gybe. Not sure what we will do if waves are breaking over the bow, maybe just go wing on wing and pole out the jib going fast dead downwind instead trying to do angles with the A Kyte. We already know this is fast in 10-14 knots of wind. We will be experimenting though. I'm going to move the roller furler line to the port side, with the tack line in the starboard side both running down the base of the stanchions on Harken 40mm stanchion blocks out of the way of the foredeck person rather than just running straight back along the deck. With the anchor offset to starboard, it seems to make more sense to run the tack line on starboard.
      > Does anyone else fly an asymmetrical? It was certainly a lot easier than using a symmetrical chute, but hard to really tell in winds that were under 6 knots and sometimes 0. We did discover we could fill the chute and not have the boat actually move.
      > Roy

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