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260First race update

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  • roysail3
    May 28, 2010
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      We had our first real race this past Tuesday night. So far we are still happy. We were able to keep up with a very well sailed Alerion 28 rated at 171 in winds that ranged from 10 knots in the middle to 13-14 on the right side. We were boat for boat upwind and downwind. It was like one design racing. He'd tweak something and pull ahead, we'd tweak something and stop his gain and maybe gain on him. Unfortunately for the both of us our other buddy with a baby Beneteau 23.5 was having a very good night and had it tuned and trimmed to perfection and was using a chute. He beat the both of us on corrected time and finished just barely ahead of us in both races.

      The rig was set a touch lighter on the uppers than the week before, 33 on the Loos guage for the uppers and 32 on the lower.

      Hopefully we will get to play with the A chute this weekend on our way back from the first overnighter at the Isle of Shoals.