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227Re: Gooseneck Bushings

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  • Kurt
    Feb 22, 2010
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      Hi Jason,

      Not all of us are so lucky as to be still sailing in February! The mast on my boat is unstepped and in storage so I can't easily go check it right now, however my memory tells me that 1/2" is more play than I have. I do have two nylon washers that are about 1/8" thick each, one on top of the gooseneck fitting (but below the welded tang) and the other below. These take up some of the play but even 1/4" seems to be more than what I remember. You could buy some round delrin stock and drill a hole, a bit larger than the gooseneck bolt, down the center. Then band saw off a thickness that would be just right to take the play out of your setup.

      When I bought my boat the reef tack was bent identically to yours. I got a replacement from Hall and it is MUCH beefier. Nearly double the thickness. It is also larger and I have always wondered if they accidentally gave me a J34c fitting, but I like having the extra strength. You could try calling Hall but I got mine 14 years ago so I am not so sure they would still have the parts.


      --- In J28Sailors@yahoogroups.com, Jason Smith <jason3317@...> wrote:
      > Group:
      > I need a new reef tack hook as I bent the current piece this year when
      > we fell off a wave while reefed. However, I am curious: the
      > gooseneck rides inside the tangs welded to the mast. I estimate there
      > is 1/2" play where the gooseneck can move up/down along the vertical
      > bolt. It seems to me that there should be bushings to prevent a lot
      > of vertical movement? What are your thoughts? Perhaps, next time you
      > are at the boats, you could look or take a couple of pictures of this
      > area!
      > I will upload a picture to my album.
      > Thanks!
      > Jason
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