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3069Re: [J-mtDNA] J1c3a1

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  • Bailey Francis
    Jan 2 2:57 PM
      If you are using DNA to try to find family members, mtDNA will be no help.  Taking an autosomal DNA test like FamilyTreeDNA's Family Finder or 23andme's DNA Relatives may help if you happen to find a very close match such as at the sibling, parent, child, or maybe 1st cousin level.


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      I find this all so confusing, as the more I learn, the less I seem to know. I did DNA testing because I was adopted at birth. It I has seemed to lead me into a deeper hole.


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      I've just recently received my mtDNA results from FTDNA.  I am J1c3a1.  I have done some searching online and I can't find much about this group.  Can anyone shed any light?


      Malinda Price-Utter

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