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Gambia Government Accused Of Seizing Brikama Community Radio Station

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  • George Lessard
    Gambia Government Accused Of Seizing Brikama Community Radio
    Message 1 of 1 , May 17, 2010
      Gambia Government Accused Of Seizing Brikama Community Radio


      The Gambia Government has been accused of illegally seizing a Community
      Radio belonging to the people of Brikama. The Yirriwa Radio station has been
      seized by the Government of Yahya Jammeh. Pa Modou Bojang is a Gambian
      journalist. Mr. Bojang used to be the main anchor of the Radio Yirriwa News
      Hour Program. Bojang was forced into exile by the Government of Jammeh after
      he suffered numerous persecution in the hands of the notorious National
      Intelligence Agency, the NIA. To listen to the audio link of the
      interview, please visit this link:

      Audio Link http://www.box.net/shared/g06cbhhcuu

      According Mr. Bojang after the forceful closure of the radio, the Jammeh
      Government transformed the radio as its own personal property. He said the
      likes of Imam Fatty, controversial the State House Imam and other Government
      supporters are using the radio to glorify the country�s dictator. He said
      the owners of the raido were declared unwelcomed into the country, after he
      Mr. Bojang was forced into exile.

      Bojang said there is no free speech in The Gambia and that the country has
      lost its past reputation as the smiling coast of West Africa. Bojang said
      the country has been reduced to a "no go area" as journalists are thrown
      into jail on a regular basis.

      Mr. Bojang himself has been jailed on numerous times by the
      Government�following what the Government deemed as his negative reportage of
      the regime. His efforts to highlight the country�s rights crisis was not
      welcomed by the NIA, who visited him on numerous occasions at his office and

      The Brikama Yirriwa Community radio was set up to help raise communities
      awareness about happenings in the country�most importantly Government

      Mr. Bojang�s News Hour show centered on human rights, politics and other
      social issues affecting the impoverished West African country. He
      translates the English news segment of his show into local languages�with
      the aim of educating the nation's illiterate population.

      Having suffered untold persecution, he fled The Gambia. Mr. Bojang is now
      residing in the UK. He left his family behind as he reflects on his dark
      days as a journalist in The Gambia in this interview with Radio Freedom.


      Posted on Monday, May 17, 2010 (Archive on Wednesday, June 30, 2010)
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