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Inaugural Youth Forum on Climate Change in Geneva!

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  • Bremley Lyngdoh
    Dear Friends, While in Geneva I was requested by the Project Coordinator of the Inaugural Youth Forum of the Global Humanitarian Forum to help in spreading the
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 31, 2009
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      Dear Friends,

      While in Geneva I was requested by the Project Coordinator of the
      Inaugural Youth Forum of the Global Humanitarian Forum to help in
      spreading the word about this once in a lifetime experience.

      The Global Humanitarian Forum, an organization personally led by
      former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan that was founded in
      2007 by the Swiss Government and a group of senior leaders from the
      academic, business, government, international and civil society
      fields. Its aim is to build a stronger global community, capable of
      overcoming today and tomorrow�s humanitarian challenges. Its initial
      work addresses the human impact of climate change.

      This year the GHF will organize a youth forum named Young Adults 4 New
      Results, which will bring together 100 selected international young
      adults in a three day event. The event is taking place in Geneva from
      17th to 19th of June with an aim to provide the young participants
      with the necessary skills to play their part in countering the effects
      of climate change and, working in tandem with the GHF�s Annual Forum,
      to find new solutions to this global challenge.

      The link is the following:


      And the website URL is: http://www.youthforum2009.org

      For any further inquiry contact:

      Mischa Liatowitsch
      Project Coordinator Youth Forum
      Global Humanitarian Forum,
      Villa Rigot, 9 Avenue de la Paix
      1202 Geneva, Switzerland
      Email: youthforum@...

      The deadline in April 5th and I hope some of you will apply and
      represent your countries and organizations at this event in Geneva.

      I wish you all the very best!

      Kind regards,

      Bremley Lyngdoh

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    • Bremley Lyngdoh
      Dear friends, I want to share an exciting new project with all of you called Worldview Space which we will launch on 1st May 2009. Worldview Space will
      Message 2 of 3 , Apr 9 7:37 AM
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        Dear friends,

        I want to share an exciting new project with all of you called
        "Worldview Space" which we will launch on 1st May 2009. Worldview
        Space will provide Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs with their
        own command and control center in the heart of London where they can
        launch and manage their own operations and projects locally in London
        or nationally in the UK or internationally in other countries. If this
        sustainable model of office space sharing takes off here in London,
        then we will introduce Worldview Spaces in other countries where we
        have projects running.

        Worldview Space is close to the River Thames, just 3 mins walk from
        the south side of Tower Bridge and 7 mins walk from London Bridge
        located in a beautiful warehouse conversion with original features,
        wooden beams, exposed brick and amazing natural light. Worldview Space
        will provide its members with furniture, shelving, all bills, good
        heating, regular cleaning, high speed internet, phone, powerpoint
        presentation facility and 24 hour access. It has good meeting
        facilities, roof terrace, fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. So if
        you are looking for a desk to run your project on a monthly or yearly
        basis or know of anyone who might need a desk then please let us know.
        The whole package to get access to Worldview Space is a membership fee
        of £275 per month.

        Worldview Space will be launched on May Day 2009 and since it is a
        project of Worldview Impact we invite all our members in London to
        come by at 6.00pm GMT on the 1st of May to our launch pad and meet our
        global team on the 3rd Floor of 1 Pope Street London SE1 3PR. We will
        show you a special presentation of our Worldview from Space where you
        will see satellite images, photographs and videos showing real action
        on the ground from all our Worldview Impact pilot project countries
        around the world. After the launch you are all invited to join us at
        the Woolwich Bar across the road for a pine of sustainable organic beer.

        I hope to see some you who are based in London at our Worldview Space
        launch on May Day 2009!

        Best regards,

        Bremley W.B. Lyngdoh
        Founder and CEO
        Worldview Impact

        Worldview Space
        1 Pope Street
        London SE1 3PR
        United Kingdom

        Tel: +44-2071997890
        Mob: +44-7899897823
        Fax: +44-8704419828
        Web: www.worldviewimpact.com

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