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Re: [J-H-R] Guinea - Job: Training Director for Citizen-Based

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  • Jennifer Savidge
    Dear George, Thank you for your interest in the Communication Initiative Vacancy Service. The DB Classifieds - Vacancies e-publication is widely considered one
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2007
      Dear George,

      Thank you for your interest in the Communication Initiative Vacancy
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      Best wishes,

      Jennifer Savidge
      Classifieds Coordinator
      The Communication Initiative

      > Training Director for Citizen-Based Election Reporting Program in Guinea
      > Deadline to apply: August 10
      > The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) is seeking a Training
      > Director for a journalism training program to emphasize political and
      > election coverage for print and broadcast journalists in Guinea. The
      > assignment requires a commitment of up to 18 months in Guinea.
      > The program, administered by ICFJ with support from the U.S. State
      > Department, is based on the principles of civic journalism, emphasizing
      > “citizen-based” coverage addressing the concerns of ordinary Guineans. It
      > aims to provide journalists with much-needed training in journalistic
      > skills, standards and ethics, and to provide citizens with the accurate
      > and balanced information that they need to make good decisions in an
      > election and in their daily lives as citizens.
      > The program’s initial phase will center on the elections to Guinea’s
      > National Assembly, set for December 2007. Trainings of journalists will be
      > organized to take place before, during and after the elections and at
      > selected intervals afterward in the capital and three other regional
      > cities. The project will focus on independent Guinean journalists and
      > media with special emphasis on radio. Later stages of the program will
      > include training in media business management and financial sustainability
      > as well as a segment on the training of local journalism trainers.
      > The Training Director will be expected to work with ICFJ’s partner
      > organizations on the ground and with ICFJ staff members in Washington,
      > provide narrative and financial reporting according to the needs of ICFJ
      > and the program sponsor, as well as organize and supervise the work of
      > short-term trainers who will assist in the training at key intervals
      > during the program, such as during the parliamentary election. The
      > training director, with assistance from local partners, will also rent and
      > equip suitable office space for the program, recruit and hire a local
      > assistant director for the program and three other local co-trainers.
      > Experience in political and election journalism and in broadcast and print
      > media as well as fluent French are requirements for the position. The
      > ideal candidate will have experience in training journalists as well as
      > knowledge of Guinea and its journalism. Salary is commensurate with
      > qualifications and experience.
      > - Please send a resume, letter of interest and references by August 10 to
      > the International Center for Journalists, 1616 H Street NW, Third Floor,
      > Washington, D.C. 20006 USA, or jobs@....
      > - Please indicate the position you are applying for on the envelope or in
      > the e-mail subject line.
      > - Please also indicate in your letter where you found out about this
      > position.
      > ICFJ is an equal opportunity employer.
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