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5957Human Rights media project completed

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  • Jan Künzl
    Mar 18, 2013
      Dear Human Rights Friends and Educators

      The German NGO /e-politik.de/ e.V. and edeos- digital education just
      finished their project "Focus Human Rights".
      Within the project, a series of animated Videoclips was produced,
      published and distributed throughout the World Wide Web. The series
      consists of an overview clip which gives a sound introduction to the
      subject and three more specific clips. Each of them deals with one of
      the three dimensions of the Human Rights system and various other topics
      such as Women's Rights, NGOs or the history of Human Rights.
      The clips are licensed as Creative Commons and can be used and shared
      for free. Many NGOs, schools and other institutions use them as
      educational material.
      The whole series is available in five languages.

      If you like the project, please help us making the project better known
      by sharing it with interested persons, email lists and through your
      social networks.

      And of course, do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

      The links to the Clips are the following:
      Playlist for the English Versions:
      Playlist for the German Versions:
      Playlist for the Spanish Versions:
      Playlist for the French Versions:
      Playlist for the Arabic Versions:

      Best regards,
      Jan K�nzl

      Project Manager WissensWerte
      Gaudystr. 2
      10437 Berlin/ Germany
      Tel: 004930/23130075
      Mob: 0049176/20790628

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