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5948@Transom_org's Setting up a small #audio #recording studio

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  • media@web.net
    Jan 5, 2013
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      One of Transom’s most popular features ever is TOOLS Editor Jeff Towne’s
      primer on setting up a small recording studio, but the page hasn’t had an
      update in six years. So, Jeff has created a completely new version,
      covering computer and software selection, the requisite hardware, along
      with equipment recommendations in various price ranges and pretty much
      everything you need on this topic, all in one place. There are links to
      individual tests of gear, manufacturer’s sites, downloads, etc. etc. (One
      interesting new thing: ProTools is becoming dislodged as the go-to choice
      for documentary production.) This is the kind of useful, generous advice
      that makes us all love Jeff Towne.