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  • George Lessard
    Dec 22, 2012
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      From: AMARC <secretariat@...>
      Date: 21 December 2012 18:54
      To: Amarc-info-en@...

      Following the mission of the World Association of Community Radio
      broadcasters (AMARC) and the Syndicat Tunisien des radios libres (STRL) we
      request your support to the National Advocacy Campaign for Communication
      Rights in Tunisia.

      To confirm your support contact secretariat@...

      Best regards

      Syndicat Tunisien des radios libres (STRL)
      International Secretariat of AMARC



      * *

      - Considering that the �right to communication for all,� that is, for
      all citizens, men and women, is now at the forefront of demands and
      demonstrations for democratization and development in Tunisia, and that
      this represents both the right to information and the right to produce
      information, as established in international documents on human rights to
      which Tunisia is a signatory;****
      - Considering that community radio is a powerful tool for sustainable
      human development and the social inclusion of women, peasants, the poor,
      youth, immigrants, and the handicapped, and that community radios build
      public space for debate in which different actors express themselves and
      discuss with the objective of participating in social change and deepening
      - Recalling that associative and community radio and production groups
      now on Internet are essential actors in the defence of human rights, press
      freedom and democracy in Tunisia;****
      - Noting that community actors are confronted with obstacles that slow
      down the development of community and local media in Tunisia, among others:
      the absence of financial support, the lack of technical equipment and
      training, the prohibitive costs for broadcasting set by the *Office
      nationale de t�l�diffusion* (ONT), the national broadcasting agency),
      and the absence of legal status for community radios;****

      ** **

      Gathered together in Tunis to highlight some of the results and
      recommendations of the diagnostic mission of media actors initiated by the
      World Association of Community Radios (AMARC), an associate member of
      UNESCO, and the *Syndicat tunisien des radios libres* (STRL, the Tunisian
      association of free radios), the community and local media actors
      broadcasting in the FM band and via Internet (Web radio), the Web radio
      projects, civil society organizations and freedom of expression advocates
      here present:****

      ** **

      - Consider that the first results of this mission made it possible to
      observe that, on the eve of the second anniversary of the revolution,
      Tunisian citizens, especially in the outlying regions of the country,
      continue not to have access to diversified and pluralistic news and
      information, and this despite the existence of dozens of citizen
      initiatives and an obvious availability of frequencies; ****
      - Take note of the urgent need to set up a national advocacy strategy
      promoting freedom of expression for a pluralistic and diversified media
      landscape, and specifically to demand status for community radios that
      would allow citizens to exercise their right to communication. This
      advocacy includes spportings the recommendations of the general report of
      the Instance nationale pour la reforme de l;information et de la
      communication )INRIC, National Instance for Reforming Information and
      - Call for the recognition of associative and community media without
      discrimination of any kind;****
      - Call for the implementation of public policies aimed at promoting and
      strengthening community radio in all sectors of the population;****
      - Call for institutional and legislative guaranties that associative and
      community radio licenses will be granted fairly, taking into account the
      resources of civil society and the expectations of the public with respect
      to these public interest media;****
      - Call upon public institutions to end spectrum frequency monopoles in
      the the Tunisian territory and this on the framework of the right to
      production of information by all operators;****
      - Call on non-governmental organizations, intergovernmental agencies and
      cooperation agencies to offer substantial support to associative and
      community radio broadcasting in order to accompany the expectations held by
      Tunisian social movements and youth;****

      ** **

      ** **

      ** **

      Tunis, December 18th, 2012****

      ** **

      *To support the proposal with your signature write to: secretariat @

      * *

      *List of radios, web radios and civil society organizations signing so far
      the declaration*

      ** **

      Radio Saada Chaambi (web) ****

      Radio Houna Elgasrine (web) ****

      Radio 3R (web) ****

      Radio Karama (fm) ****

      Radio Sawt el Manajem,****

      Radio Arbata (web) ****

      Radio Djerid FM (web) ****

      Tozeur (fm) ****

      Radio Nefzawa (projet webradio) ****

      Radio Jektiss (web)****

      Radio kssour ****

      Cap FM (fm)****

      Syndicat national des radios libres, STRL,****

      Radio 6, (fm)****

      Ana Tounsi, (projet webradio)`****

      Radio Chaabi, (Projet webradio) ****

      Radio Carthage Fm (projetweb)****

      Radio Oxygene fm Bizerte ****

      Radio Kif FM;****

      Oxfam, Tunis****

      ONG Agora, ****

      La voix des autres, Gafsa.****

      Centre de Tunis pour la libert� de la presse, Tunis;****

      Search for common ground, Tunis****

      Association libert� et d�veloppement****

      Observateur national de la jeunesse****

      Ligue Tunisienne des droits de l�homme, LTDH****

      e-joussour Portail de la soci�t� civile Maghreb Machreck****

      Coordonnateur du groupe de partenaires techniques et financiers en appui au
      secteur des m�dias tunisiens;****

      Association mondiale des radiodiffuseurs communautaires AMARC.****

      Instance nationale pour la r�forme de l'information et de la communication

      ** **

      ** **

      *International Support to Community Radios in Tunisia*

      ** **

      VALCOM, CEFAM, Marm�dias, (France);****

      Association qu�b�coise des organismes de coop�ration internationale AQOCI,

      R�seau des radios rurales et locales des Comores;****

      Panos Afrique de l'Ouest - IPAO, (S�n�gal)****

      Radio Zanzan Bondoukou (C�te d'Ivoire)****

      Radio communautaire et rurale Bonga (RCB FM)****

      Association des radios communautaires du Canada (ARC)****

      Agora C�te d'Azur (06-France)****

      CJPN, Fredericton, (N.B.) Canada****

      Michel Delorme, Radio Enfant, (Canada)****

      Conf�d�ration nationale des radios associatives, CNRA, (France)****

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