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5942"Focus Human Rights" Last part of the Video Series released: Collective Rights

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  • Jan Künzl
    Dec 10, 2012
      To whom it may concern

      Just in time for today's International Human Rights Day, we released the
      last film of our series "Focus Human Rights".
      It can be watched here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEO6xRpo024

      The clip focuses on the third dimension of the Human Rights system, the
      collective rights. Those include -for example- the right to peace and
      the right to development. The film also shows how Human Rights can be
      enforced, how the Human Rights System evolves, and what the most
      important opportunities for improvement are.

      "Focus Human Rights" is a project of the German non-profit
      /e-politik.de/ e.V. and edeos- digital education.

      The series "Focus Human Rights" is now complete and consists of:
      Introduction movie:
      First Dimension: Civil and Political rights, Violations, History
      Second Dimension: Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, NGOs, Women's Rights
      Third Dimension: Collective Rights, Justiciability, Improvements

      The clips are licensed as Creative Commons. They can be used and shared
      for free, for example as a teaching tool or on social media channels and
      on websites and blogs.

      Additional information about the project:

      If you would like to stay in touch for further animated videos about
      political topics, subscribe to our social media channels:

      If you like the clips, please forward to any interested person.
      Feedback would be appreciated!

      Kind regards,
      Jan K�nzl

      Project Manager WissensWerte
      Gaudystr. 2
      10437 Berlin/Germany
      Tel: 030/23130075
      Mob: 0176/20790628

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