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FW: Hebrew Teacher - Mailing List - For Resource Sharing and Brainst

I’m posting for Batia, who just joined the list. Please respond if you can to her note if you have a great option for Honors Students in Hebrew in High
Jennie Starr
Aug 30, 2010

- Ensuring Advancement in Conversational Skills (i.e. expanded vocab

Hi Drora, Mamash todah. Very interested to learn more about the TPR - I suspect there are similarities to what we are doing here. Are there any formal
Jennie Starr
Aug 3, 2009

Re: Chalav U'dvash

First, yashir kochech on the yozma. I think it is a wonderful idea. It would be wonderful to arrange meetings throughout the year, but this is a great start.
Aug 3, 2009

one challenge - grades 2nd-4th - continuing reading/writing program

Shalom Kulam, So, one issue I'm struggling with this month is what program to take on for our kids who will finish up with their Yesh Li Sod program this year
Jul 2, 2009

תשובה: Ivrit Shelanu New members - pls share the list with othe

HI Jennifer, My name is Ariel Zaltzman, i am the Director of Kachol Lavan - The Centre for Hebrew and Israel Studies in Toronto. www.kachol-lavan.com I am on
Ariel Zaltzman
Jun 28, 2009

Using Yahoo Groups - if You're new to using them - A Few Tips

If you're not used to using a yahoo mailing list, a few comments: 1) When you just hit reply to anything that comes from the list, it will go to all the
Jennie Starr
Jun 28, 2009

New members - pls share the list with other Hebrew Language Educator

Shalom Kulam, I'm slowly finding additional people who are able to contribute to the mailing list and wanted to let you know a bit more about my purpose. As
Jun 28, 2009

shalom Drura

Thanks for joining so quickly! I'm inviting as many additional people as I can to get this going. Tell me, I noted you are using Chalav U'Dvash - how is that
Jun 15, 2009
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