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New file uploaded to ItronixGoBook

Hello, This email message is a notification to let you know that a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the ItronixGoBook group. File :
Oct 7

Re: Itronix GoBook IX250

And you put a crapload of effort into it. In the forum here, under Files. Cheers. https://forums.mageia.org/en/viewtopic.php?t=2448&p=18619#p18619
Sep 25

Re: Itronix GoBook IX250

Note that evtouch is long dead, as HAL has been removed from all modern distros. The mageia forum instructions still work, as they use the now std evdev
Sep 25

Re: Itronix GoBook IX250

Thank you Robert. I found a good home for it.
Sep 21

Re: Itronix GoBook IX250

If nothing else, post out on eBay and somebody will grab it.  Old GoBooks are great for kids.  DouDouLinux is a distro that has worked well for my kids, but
Robert Stiles
Sep 21

Re: Itronix GoBook IX250

Always someone interested... Brian KE6IYC
Brian Gieryk
Sep 20

Itronix GoBook IX250

I have an old GoBook X250. I am not sure if there is any interest in these older machines. I was looking for a search feature of this group and could not find
Sep 20

GoBook Max screen disassembly

Hi all, What's the trick to get the screen apart on a GoBook Max?
Sep 19

IX-300 options

So I picked up a pair of the HP branded IX-300 rugged tablets (to keep my XC-6000 T-BERD and IX-260+ company), and was wondering if anyone here has info
Brian Gieryk
Aug 9

Re: XR-1 IX270 graphics card swap

I just acquired 2 new but old stock XR-1's Out of 4 batteries one will charge up. I decided to install Win7 on one and then go for Win10. I have another XR-1
Aug 8

Re: XP Pro register

I've installed Ubuntu Gnome and other Ubuntu distributions on an XR-1. However there were problems when trying to install a working driver for the Ethernet
Jul 18

R: Re: Re: [ItronixGoBook] XR1 Hard disk ribbon cable

No standard, most of wires are for heater. A Russian found out pin layout of ribbon from motherboard to caddy connector... fortunately it is a sata. ...7 wires
Jul 16

Re: XR1 Hard disk ribbon cable

Thanks very much for the info. I have only seen pictures of the ribbon cable on the ix260 and it looked at lease physically close to the one on my XR-1. Would
Jack Cain
Jul 16

R: Re: [ItronixGoBook] XR1 Hard disk ribbon cable

Xr1 has Sata drive, Ix260 or nr3610 (it is an itronix  device branded as hp) mounts pata drive - completely different. -------- Messaggio originale
Jul 16

Re: XR1 Hard disk ribbon cable

Perhaps someone else will know definitely if the cables from other gobook models will work. If so there is the possibility that the ribbon cable from a HP
Jack Cain
Jul 15
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