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Re: Elizabeth's welcome and horny hair (wasThis is...)

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  • elizarosev
    ... ... Those are cute little horns. I m goin for the big stuff .Then again it depends
    Message 1 of 8 , Apr 24, 2002
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      --- In italianrenaissancecostuming@y..., Bella
      <bella_lucia_da_verona@y...> wrote:
      > --- elizarosev <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Hi Bella,
      > So happy to share with you! I just joined your
      > Courtesan group a couple of days ago.Thank you or all
      > the time you dedicate in your research for all of us
      > to enjoy and benefit from. We corresponded a few time
      > when I first started my Venetaian. Thanks again for
      > your help. I'll let you know how the hair turns out.If
      > it aint right I wont wear it. Here goes.......
      > Elizabeth<<<<<
      > Hi, and thanks for the kind words. I only wish I could
      > dedicate *more* time to research - there hasn't been
      > much time lately. But then if I don't go to Coronation
      > in July I'll have some free time after the feast on
      > the 4th May so might get a lot more done on the
      > "how-to-sew-Venetian-clothing" side of things for my
      > site.
      > As for the hair - I hope it works out, but even if it
      > doesn't go for it. More of us should be attempting
      > this cool style. :) I've only seen one lady do it and
      > it wasn't too convincing simply because the cones were
      > the wrong shape - they were too pointy. But it still
      > looked cool. :)
      > Oh, that reminds me, in the message archive I saw some
      > discussion as to whether only courtesans wore the
      > horned hairdo - the answer is no. Most ladies of the
      > high nobility wore it, and courtesans dressed just
      > like them. Here are some of Vecellio's woodcuts and an
      > engraving and portrait for your viewing pleasure:
      > "Young married woman of Venice in Acension holiday
      > dress"(small horns but still there):
      > <http://www.costumes.org/history/broderbund/boo/BOO50203.gif>
      > "Young married woman of the Venetian nobility":
      > <http://www.costumes.org/history/broderbund/boo/BOO50204.gif>
      > "Winter costume of Venetian noblewomen and wealthy
      > ladies" (once again, smaller horns):
      > <http://www.costumes.org/history/broderbund/boo/BOO50205.gif>
      > "Venetian noblewoman dressed for visiting S.Pietro di
      > Castello during Lent":
      > <http://www.costumes.org/history/broderbund/boo/BOO50206.gif>
      > "Venetian noblewoman dressed for a public
      > celebration":
      > <http://www.costumes.org/history/broderbund/boo/BOO50207.gif>
      > "Current dress of Venetian noblewomen":
      > <http://www.costumes.org/history/broderbund/boo/BOO50214.gif>
      > An engraving:
      > "Venetian Debutante":
      > A portrait (this is one of my very favourite pics):
      > "Circa 1581-1584, Domenico Robusti: Portrait of a Lady
      > in White":
      > <http://au.geocities.com/bella_lucia_da_verona/RobustiWhite.jpg>
      > Bella

      Those are cute little horns. I'm goin' for the "big stuff".Then again
      it depends on my handiwork doesn't it? I just finished a weekend with
      our "Old West" group.I love the Victorian era.I am home sick playin'
      hooky today so I think I do some playing with my hair if I can work
      up the energy.
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