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Re: Interesting Book

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  • Anabella Wake
    ... It s currently one of my two top favourite books. It s between that and Moda a Firenze . Although when Clothing of the Renaissance World is finally in
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 1, 2008
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      --- In Italian_Renaissance_Costuming@yahoogroups.com, "Madeleine
      Delacroix" <madeleinedelacroix@...> wrote:
      > Sorry, have to amend the title, it's called Private Lives in
      > Renaissance Venice. <snipped>

      It's currently one of my two top favourite books. It's between that
      and 'Moda a Firenze'. Although when 'Clothing of the Renaissance
      World' is finally in my hot little hands it may bump 'Moda...' down.

      (For info about 'Clothing..., see:
      http://realmofvenus.renaissanceitaly.net/library/newvecellio.htm )And
      yes, I am affiliated with Amazon. :-)

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