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Re: [Italian Renaissance Costuming] camicia seams

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  • Allison Stanley
    This does help!! Thank you so much!!! It sounds like Kathy s description is very much like what is on the Extreme Costuming website... butted and whipped
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 23, 2008
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      This does help!! Thank you so much!!!

      It sounds like Kathy's description is very much like what is on the Extreme
      Costuming website..."butted and whipped selvages" is exactly what is shown.

      Thank you again!


      On 1/23/08, Kat <katdb@...> wrote:
      > greetings Allegranza,
      > I have made a few hand-sewn camicia and tend to use flat-felled seams, as
      > they are stronger. (mine go in the frontloader washing machine).
      > You can see mine at (this one has the best pics of seams).
      > http://katerina.purplefiles.net/garb/diaries/hand%20Linen%20camicia.htm
      > I use either running stitch or back stitch for the main seam. For the
      > flat-felled the above example has running stitch to hold it down. I am
      > curently trying whipped edges on the flat felled. I think this is easier and
      > finer looking.
      > http://katerina.purplefiles.net/garb/diaries/pics/CAM%20FCamPrato%20seam.jpg
      > Kathy Page managed to get a look at the NY Met extant camicias and shared
      > her findings at Kalamazoo (and Pensic I believe) this year. She recorded
      > the
      > seams as:
      > Chemise with purple/plum embroidery info given as:" Seam finishes - Flat
      > fell- backstitch, butted and whipped selvedges"
      > Shirt info was given as: "Seam details: Embroidered over seams? Butted
      > selvedges and flat fell under seams. Seam thread thickness: Fine silk and
      > heavier wt (than fabric threads) linen thread "
      > Other sites on period stitches used:
      > Sewing Stitches Used in Medieval Clothing:
      > http://www.personal.utulsa.edu/~marc-carlson/cloth/stitches.htm
      > Archeological Sewing by Heather Rose Jones (2001)
      > http://heatherrosejones.com/archaeologicalsewing/index.html
      > Archive of Stitches from Extant Textiles. www.bayrose.org
      > Does this help?
      > Kat
      > > I have a question about the camicias, what type of seam was used to sew
      > > the
      > > pieces together? French, flat felled? I saw another type of seam on this
      > > website www. dot extremecostuming dot com, where each side of the 2
      > pieces
      > > of fabric are folded down, then a running stich is used, then the 2
      > pieces
      > > are stiched together using a whip stitch. I know that isn't a clear
      > > description of how its done, the web site has a good photo. Has anybody
      > > else ever seen this method? Is this something that was done? Is it a
      > > period method that can be used for the camicias seams, or anything else
      > > for
      > > that matter?
      > >
      > > Thank you!
      > > Allegranza
      > >
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