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Re: [Italian Renaissance Costuming] chemise sleeve ruffle issue

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  • Bella
    ... From: thevintagefloozy Subject: [Italian Renaissance Costuming] chemise sleeve ruffle issue I have started a test
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 14, 2008
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      From: thevintagefloozy <thevintagefloozy@...>
      Subject: [Italian Renaissance Costuming] chemise sleeve ruffle issue

      I have started a test chemise for myself with sleeves that are 60 x 60
      inches. I ran a heirloom stitch on my machine over a heavy pearl
      cotton along the sleeve hem and it by god works as a drawstring. it
      doesnt look like one because there is no casing, just a band of
      embroidery. I put another band of it right by the hem. It really just
      looks like geometric whitework, rather than a drawstring. It doesnt
      draw up -tight-. If I wiggle my hand I can get it through without much
      effort. But it looks like it would be about the right amount of
      tightness for the 1510's early 20s gowns with the faboo huge sleeves.
      There is a portrait up on the Realm by Melone, Portrait of a Lady
      1523, from mantua I think? showing a black gown with a big chemise
      under it. But the sleeve of the chemise is intriguing. It looks for
      all the world like she has it gathered up from the inside at the
      wrist. It's not tight and it looks rather frighteningly like mine when
      gathered down. I cant tell with my monitor if there is blackwork there
      as well as on the neck. Nor can I tell if there is a band on the
      outside of the sleeve area, or a line showing where one may be on the
      inside. I cant find it on the The Realm anymore to post a link. Gah!<<<<<

      Lisette, If it's the one I am thinking of it was a portrait of the month in December:


      Yes, it's difficult to tell what's going on at the wrist, but I think your solution to your friend's problem will work nicely to replicate it.

      >>>>>I'm pretty sure I am out in left field, but I think it would be a good
      solution to the problem. I need fresh eyes and fresh perspective! Has
      anyone else studied that portrait in depth? And maybe I am fussing
      over nothing. But it sure would be nice to know that I did everything
      I could to get it as period as I can!<<<<<<

      I haven't studied it in depth, and I can't find a better image online, but I agree with you that your solution will work, and look period. Go for it, I say. :-)


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