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RE: [Italian Renaissance Costuming] Re: 15th Century Florentine

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  • otsisto
    ... Thanks for your suggestions, De. I actually already have some cool small earring rings that I ll be using for lacing rings. They re sturdy, and pretty
    Message 1 of 7 , Sep 25, 2007
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      Thanks for your suggestions, De. I actually already have some cool small
      earring rings that I'll be using for lacing rings. They're sturdy, and
      pretty much the same as the toggles, but I didn't have to buy the bars to
      get the rings. They were great at 6/$2.50.>>>>

      De: Wal-Mart has sets of 8 for $2 but if the earrings work then go for it.
      :) I used the toggle for buttons with a light weight shirt.

      <<<I might look into dotting the background with gold beads. I like that
      suggestion. Thanks. :) I've just never beaded fabric before, and have no
      real creativity for it.

      De: Use beading thread, it is sturdier. regular spool sewing thread, from my
      experience doesn't hold up to the wear and tear. If you have the patience
      and the time, sew on the beads in clusters of 3 and don't have whole bunches
      of the clusters but lightly strewn. You may wish to edge the black in gold
      and black beads with a simple border design.

      <<<Umm.. the device is mostly for SCA's sake. I don't think I understand
      the difference regarding the pointing of the fleurs... could you explain
      further? If this is something not on topic, maybe
      private would be fine (email katmontreve(at)hotmail(dot)com).>>>

      De: SCA strives to be period/"authentic", with each person at their own
      pace. In period Heraldry there are rules of how things are positioned, color
      ..etc. SCA Heraldry is mostly based off of English Heraldry and each year
      Heralds learn something more about period heraldry that helps people strive
      for "authenticity".
      My saying that it is no big deal is that w/SCA you can draw it almost anyway
      you want (kind of like the guy who got a tiger passed and displays a tigger)
      which falls under artistic license but if you wanted to be a bit more period
      in style with your device, the more "correct" position would be to have the
      bottom of the Fleurs to be pointing in the direction of the peacock,
      basically like the example I gave.
      Being a part time novice Herald I would like to take this time to encourage
      people to submit a badge (if they have a registered name) because the device
      says "this is me" the badge says "this is mine" and is used to mark your
      stuff. :)
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