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  • Catherine Rogers-Cook
    Sounds like you have heard about the Duct Tape Double method of making a dress form. Check this link to learn how to do one.
    Message 1 of 7 , Jan 31, 2006
      Sounds like you have heard about the "Duct Tape Double" method of making a dress form. Check this link to learn how to do one. http://www.leanna.com/DuctTapeDouble/

      This can be a great way to get an exact duplicate of your figure. If you are going to be wearing a corset, make your DTD while you are wearing it. Then your DTD will be the proper shape for garb.

      While corsets seem not to have been worn in Venice and the Veneto, southern Italy was very strongly influenced by Spanish costume and ladies seem to have adopted Spanish corseting styles - with picadills. I'll try to run down citations for you...I'm just remembering things I've read from days gone by. I don't do garb later than 1550 any more.

      Good luck on your gown!

      Dame Katharine of Cate Hall

      PS check out this dress diary if you haven't seen it yet. http://www.songsmyth.com/1560frenchkirtle.html

      lady_cadhla <lady_cadhla@...> wrote:
      However...I have seen several mentions of "the
      old sacrificial t-shirt and tape method" for making patterns for
      corsets and bodices, and I was just wondering if this refers to taping
      over a t-shirt and drawing the seam lines on with a marker.


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