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7471RE: [Italian Renaissance Costuming] Balzo

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  • otsisto
    Feb 7, 2013
      For Italian, specifically Venice, The Realm of Venus is the site to go to.

      (Oonagh's site is the second I recommend.)

      "wardrobe" on RoV is where you will find portraits of several time periods.

      It sounds as if you are wanting around 1540 and onward
      (but if you want earlier then click on wardrobe and then select the period you what.).

      Some of the later styles, if you have Margo's Elizabethan noble woman's pattern you can adapt it. I have heard at least one woman adapting it to the very popular "V" front Venetian gown. I think that it is popular because just about any figure looks good in it. :)
      Hope this helps.
      -----Original Message-----
      I prefer English Elizabethan/Tudor but want ti make an Italian Renaissance/Venetian period. I have a nobility Elizabethan set and a merchant's wife upper middle class set already. I made a very wonderful blackwork chemise of light weight linen with Tudor rises on the sleeves. I made a velvet ladies' hat with pleated sides but don't know what else to wear with my sets. I have been shedding hair a lot over the past few years and keeping it to make a woven hair/braid to wear on my thinning hairline. Not as fancy but practical.
      I have lost weight and need to take them in. I am working on loosing some more before that task. I plan on weaving trim for my next set and one for my daughter. I will wait to do those jobs after we move in June.
      I drew the cover for Margo Anderson's Tudor pattern so I love to design what to make as well as actual garments. I have a large library of images from the internet and a book of what I would like to make.
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