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6765Re: Linen in Europe?

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  • Kat
    Dec 1, 2009
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      gosh. Our 'standard' price is about AU$12.99/m. I usually try to get it on
      sale and have paid as little as $4/m occasoinally. Now I think myself lucky!
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      Innilgard, Lochac
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      well dance!"

      WOW! Here I thought $9/yd was expensive, Libeco charges $166.99/yd for 8oz
      'Corsica' dyed linen and $80.54/yd for the 3.1oz 'Rimini' Optical White

      You sure it's not cheaper to get it from Fabrics-store.com and have it
      shipped? Their 3.5oz (IL20) Optical White is $8.26/yd. How much could
      shipping be?

      >my local store has it at $15 a yard... but it is not very heave... handcock
      >fabrics is the store... maybe you have one neer you that you could check
      >out... hope this helps you
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