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1029Many camice/camixe

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  • Donatello
    Jul 1, 2003
      Today's Italian Lesson(in response to Ginevra's sub query)

      In period Tuscan(Florence) and modern Italian... camicia /kamEEcha/,
      2+ camice /kamEEchay/.....In Veneto(Venice), period and modern,
      camixa /kamEEza/, 2+ camixe /kamEEzay/...

      And now for the fun part....when the hard c /k/ is single and between
      2 vowels in period Tuscan(post 1400), it is pronounced like a
      guttural "ch" as in German "Bach" or Gaelic "Loch"...so 1
      camicia /una "ch"amEEcha/. In Modern Tuscan, "p", "t", and soft c
      have followed their /k/ siblings and become /f/, /th/, /sh/ in
      between vowels, and the 'ch' is softened to the English "h"
      sound...so a modern Florentine says /una hamEEsha/...

      and even Funner...Standard Italian is based on Dante's 1300's
      Florentine Tuscan...however, the Florentines didn't stop evolving
      their speech and it has changed quite a bit...But because the
      Florentines "know" that their dialect was the base for Standard
      Italian, therefore anything that comes out of their mouths
      is "Perfect Italian", regardless of 500 years of language change on
      their part only!!! This attitude frosts other Italians.

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