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Re: Appropriate Fabrics to use for Italian Ren garb

Thank you all for your advice. It is good information and it will help me. Again, Thanks! My Persona is from the 1470's of the Siena area. I am currently
Mar 26, 2015

Re: Appropriate Fabrics to use for Italian Ren garb

I'm exceptionally fond of using silks in my gowns. But like yourself the $100/yrd stuff was unfeasible. I found that silk taffeta is a delightful fabric to use
Gabriella Rizo
Jan 23, 2015

Re: Appropriate Fabrics to use for Italian Ren garb

What class are you looking at? A plain wool works for middle class garb. For the upper class, I've found either cotton jaquards or reproductions on
Isabella D'Angelo
Jan 22, 2015

Appropriate Fabrics to use for Italian Ren garb

Salve! It seems there has been little or no discussion on this board for quite some time. I am hoping that this is still an active group. I am searching for
Jan 22, 2015

Italian Renaissance Costuming Mini-Challenge

Just a reminder that registration is open for the Italian Renaissance Costuming Mini-Challenge, Fabulously Fashionable Fur (which begins January 1 2014).
Dec 5, 2013

Latest Italian Showcase in now online!

You can find it here: http://realmofvenus.renaissanceitaly.net/yourgarb/showcase.htm Enjoy.    Lady Bella Lucia da Verona (Anabella Wake) Barony of
Nov 16, 2013

Margo Anderson Patterns Mini Challenge!

Over at FB for Margo Anderson's Pattern we are holding a Mini Challenge for the Italian Underpinnings Patterns!  So you can join over on Facebook or
Sep 1, 2013

Re: New to Italian

I'll jump in for a moment to give some further guidance about the Met Underwear collection. I've physically spent time that collection and have some quality
Jun 17, 2013

Re: Aly/Cemper

It's a trap! Sent from my iPhone ... [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
Ylaire Sainte Claire
Jun 15, 2013

Re: New to Italian

Thank you Isabella, This will work beautifully as her partner is a long time Turkish Janissary. The lady has never been to a re-enactment event and just wants
Jun 14, 2013

Re: New to Italian

Hello and welcome! The style of dress most likely to be worn with the v-neck chemise was a Turkish style gown. You can see an example by Titan here:
Isabella D'Angelo
Jun 14, 2013

New to Italian

Hi folks, Thank-you for adding me to this group. I haven't done Italian before but I have fallen in love with the extant V neck embroidered Camicia from the
Jun 14, 2013

Re: Digest Number 2013

I think if you look at that citing carefully it is the work of another artist he worked with on the picture rather than the work in question that is at Modena.
Tom Pahdeaaa 20
May 31, 2013

Re: Looking for a better version of this picture

Oh thank you so much! Google brought me to this site as well. But, when I was on this site on Monday, but it kept bringing up a different painting, of the
Louise de La Mare
May 30, 2013

Re: Looking for a better version of this picture

I don't know if it is better source to look at but google brought up this site of the painting that lists Modena, Galleria Estense (Art Gallery) Palazzo Dei
May 30, 2013
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