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hot copy

http://www.fewo-loissin.de/voeb/hecyiafv.vuzjj [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
Paul Scott
Mar 11, 2013

Reply to Response by Holtz

To all members of the group except Melanie Holtz, Holtz never said she would help me for free. She also never denied the things that I said in my original
Jan 16, 2012

Re: Access to Parish and Diocesan Archives in Italy

hello: I have just about given up on ever getting any records from Italy. I send money, never recv. any answer and my money is never returned. most of the
Lorraine Degelia
Jan 16, 2012

Re: Access to Parish and Diocesan Archives in Italy

Dear Sir: You have apparently mixed me up with someone else of the same name. My business is not named Holtz, Inc. nor have I ever been involved in fashion
Melanie D. Holtz CG
Jan 16, 2012

Re: Access to Parish and Diocesan Archives in Italy

To anyone concerned, Melanie Holtz Inc. has contacted me to a talk to her offline. She does not wantthe rest of this group to know what she tells me.
Jan 15, 2012

Access to Parish and Diocesan Archives in Italy

Please post this: I have had great difficulty obtaining copies of records contained in the Register of Baptisms kept in the historical archives of Italian
Jan 14, 2012

Mission Impossible

In 1944 my grandfather found a picture in a bombed school house near Florence. I'm trying to find out what happened to the little girl that drew it. Her name
Apr 29, 2011

Scotto Genova IT

Hi, I am Paul the new guy, trying to find birth info on Paulo Scotto b.1797 Genova d. 1842 Lafourche Louisiana
Jun 18, 2010


Hi Im Mary Ann and new to the group I have been researching my family tree for the past 15 years and have not been able to go any further on my grandfathers
Mary Jones
Aug 24, 2009

Re: Newhere

Hello Diane: Lorraine here: I was given the wrong info about Frank Sinatras mother. They called her Dolly. Don't know if that was her real name or just a
Lorraine Degelia
Aug 7, 2009

Re: Newhere

Hi Diane I just read in their newsletter Ancestry has a free webinar on Aug 18th for those people who have hit a brick wall- maybe this can give you some leads
Dee (Magnarella) Hunter
Aug 7, 2009

Re: Newhere

Diane Oh that's funny ! did you try the lds.org sight for records? You can do it on line and the forms Lorraine mentioned you can download on line and you can
Dee (Magnarella) Hunter
Aug 6, 2009

Re: Newhere

Dee: Newkirk/Sinatra is me!!! LOL That is where I hit the brick wall,but thanks Lorraine: I will check the church. I havent done any church record collecting
Aug 6, 2009

Re: Newhere

Hello Diane: Lorraine here. I realized that perhaps you did not know what I meant when I said: Work Backwards. I mean you start with yourself. You will
Lorraine Degelia
Aug 5, 2009

Re: Newhere

Hello Diane: When doing Genealogy you have to work backwards. If your GF and Frank Sinatras GGF were brothers I would suggest that you start with St. Anns
Lorraine Degelia
Aug 5, 2009
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