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Why does the NY Post cover Islander games ?

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  • billbarr@earthlink.net
    During the pregame the Islanders had another writers-roundtable in which Alan Hahn and Barry Baum gave their thoughts. Baum outright predicted the Islanders
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      During the pregame the Islanders had another writers-roundtable in
      which Alan Hahn and Barry Baum gave their thoughts. Baum outright
      predicted the Islanders would not make next years playoffs and talked
      about trading for Jagr at all costs and how no one is coming here
      this summer, while Alan Hahn talked about keeping the young players
      even if it does take longer to start winning.

      It should be noted he was shown in the stands on television during
      the game, must be nice to have a job where you are not required to
      write anything about the event you are paid to cover.

      Ok, fine. Baum is entitled to his opinion and he is here to cover a
      hockey game that had a good crowd and the Islanders won the game.
      Baum covered the Rangers game against New Jersey and his entire
      column was about the hockey game played on the ice, even though the
      Rangers season is as over as the Isles.

      Here is what Baum submitted in today's Post that was about last
      nights game in his article. My question is why did he leave the house
      for what game coverage there was. Scatchard deserved a few words and
      so did Terreri and there was a good crowd, which should be noted
      because when no one shows we hear about the estimated attendance.

      Tuesday,April 3,2001


      Islanders 4 Penguins 1
      When their differences boiled over, Jaromir Jagr was influential in
      the firing of former Penguins coach Kevin Constantine 25 games into
      last season.

      But with time to reflect, the Penguins' star left wing said last
      night that he would be comfortable playing again for Constantine. So
      could that lead to a reunion next season with the Islanders?

      "I would have no problem," Jagr told The Post about playing for
      Constantine again. "He's going to be here?"


      Last Thursday, Constantine, 42, was interviewed for the Islanders
      head coaching position by Islanders general manager Mike Milbury. He
      is one of five candidates that Milbury has contacted or met with in

      In addition, Milbury is also intrigued with the possibility of
      trading for Jagr, who is expected to be on the trading block after
      the season.

      Jagr, who scored his 49th goal in the Pens' 4-1 loss to the Isles at
      the Coliseum, said that his lone complaint about Constantine was that
      the coach was overly critical of players' mistakes. But other than
      that, Jagr praised Constantine's work ethic during their 21/2 seasons

      "Me, personally, I never had a problem with him," said Jagr, who
      leads the NHL with 116 points, en route to his fourth straight Art
      Ross Trophy. "I think he's a great coach. He gives us 100 percent.
      The system, the work he gave to the team, it was always 100 percent."

      But Jagr added, "It's understandable that you're going to make a lot
      of mistakes during the game. Who makes less mistakes they're going to
      win the hockey game. He shows you every mistake you make over and
      over and over to some players. He probably wanted the players to be
      perfect, to be 100 percent. But it's never going to be.

      "The game is too fast and you have to react by situation. You know
      sometimes if you make a bad decision because everything's so quick
      and he should realize it. There was only one problem I would say he

      Last month, Jagr told The Post that due to his high salary next
      season ($10.033 million) and the Pens' low budget, he expected to be
      traded during the summer. He would not rule out interest in joining
      the Isles, a team that will have the financial ability to take on
      that salary.

      Isles owner Charles Wang said last week that he will allow Milbury to
      make a big run at top players through free agency and trades. While
      he said that bringing in a $10-$11 million player was "expensive," he
      would not rule it out.


      Out since March 3 with a sprained knee, Brad Isbister is considering
      returning for tomorrow's game at Toronto.
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